Stand Your Ground Laws

If someone shoves you to the ground, but you’re sitting up, why can’t you just pull your gun and say, “Back off.”

Why kill the guy?

“Stand your ground.”

It sounds like the wild wild west.

This is the “weapons effect” in action. I won’t comment on the legality. I just see someone who has an excuse to use his weapon rather than a need to. Oh well.

Stories like these are one reason I laugh when people talk about a Christian nation and right to life.

This should be interesting.

Actually what it sounds like is a Sheriff who doesn’t like the law so he is trying to discredit it by exaggerating its intent.

What is: Because life is not a John Wayne movie?

I’ll take “Just Wound Them” for $400, Alex.

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Another good guy with a gun.

I’m glad protectors like him are milling around convenience store parking lots.

I agree with Sam here.

This is a sheriff or DA that dislikes self defense. So they are blowing it way out of bounds to rediculous levels to garner support.

Self defense requires fear for your life or the life of another. If you’re in fear for your life by being shoved then you have no business with a firearm.

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Not a good guy with a gun. A jerk with a gun.

You might want to look at the stats for getting “shoved” causing death and serious bodily harm.

Your wiki’s open.

Yeah but you can’t shoot them after the fact.

It looks like the guy who shoved him was backing away once he pulled his firearm. I don’t think he needed to fire and I wouldn’t have felt sorry for him if he hadn’t had his firearm and he got his rear kicked.

He had no business harassing those people. If he had concerns about her parking there, he should have taken the tag number and called the police. It’s not like the lot was full.

I have seen the videos and have heard as much of the facts of the case as are available to the public.

This is borderline, but I think he should NOT have fired and I think should be legally culpable.

However. given the long history of the “victim” I have no sympathy for him at all. He was a bully and a jerk and he bullied somebody one too many times and now he is dead. Society is better off for his death.

However, the shooter should not be protected by “stand your ground” and should face legal ramifications.

Stand your ground is NOT a hunting license.

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Stop looking!

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We’ll see.

The guy who shot allegedly has a bit of a history too.

:rofl: whoops! Thanks for the heads up.

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Agreed, they both had histories.

The video might get him.