Stan Lee dies at 95

RIP to the highest-grossing actor of all time.

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Just saw that. He was a legend. His work will live on forever.

Definitely a legend and one of the biggest influencers of more than one generation.

I just wish Jack Kirby got as much recognition for the creation of some of comicdoms most iconic figures and thats all i will say on that.

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I don’t recall the details of that - but agree thoroughly.

Awe man. Was looking forward to his cameo in the next avengers flick. My 6 year old gets a kick out of them. “Hey dad, Stan Lee said eggcelsior!” RIP Stan Lee.

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Just to show you his age… When I was 12 reading his products and writing to the Bullpen he was already 45 years old. Good gracious.He’s gone but his work lives on in my closet.

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Rest in Peace Stan. Your voice will be missed.

I’m absolutely gutted.

We all knew it was coming, but it’s a terribly sad day nevertheless.

Rest in Power, Stan. You touched more lives that you could possibly imagine.

RIP Stan


Aww man, that hits me in the feels. RIP, and thank you for endless hours of entertainment.

Favorite Marvel characters:

  1. Iron Man
  2. Ghost Rider
  3. Magneto

Best Marvel film remains CA: Winter Soldier.

Yeah, that’s going to be a sad moment. In some respects, it’s fitting that his final cameo (I assume) comes as they close this 20+ movie epic storyline.

RIP, Stan.

Rest In Peace, Stan Lee.


He’ll be missed. He created a universe that has led to some of the most iconic films I’ve ever seen. The Avengers series alone has been packing theaters for over a decade now.

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They have probably already filmed his cameo for Avengers 4. I’m sure they will make cut it together into a fitting tribute, either during the film or after the credits.

RIP Stan I couldn’t imagine my childhood without the characters he helped produce.

RIP Stan Lee. Spider :spider: Man was your best!

He’ll don the infinity gauntlet and bring them all back.

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Lets not forget that Steve Ditko co-created Spiderman along with Stan Lee.

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If Marvel comics was a football team then Stan Lee was the coach / general manager while Jack Kirby was the quarterback and star cornerback while Steve Ditko was the star running back. Stan was invaluable to Marvel as its promoter to the public and collector of talent but he gets far far far too much credit for creating the most famous Marvel characters. Kirby wrote and drew most of the Marvel books in the early days with the exception of Spiderman which Ditko wrote.

Stans creative input was at most throwing ideas at a wall and seeing what Kirby and Ditko thought of them. He also contributed to dialogue after Kirby plotted and drew an issue as Kirby could be clunky with dialogue. A perfect example would be a well known Fantastic Four story. Stan threw out an idea at Kirby which was basically “The Fantastic Four should fight God.” From that Kirby solely plotted and drew the Coming of Galactus storyline which featured the first appearances of Galactus and the Silver Surfer. Its widely viewed as one of the most important comic book storylines of the era and it was the basis of the second Fantastic Four movie - its not the storyline’s fault that the movie sucked.

Ditko meanwhile was the same way with Spiderman as he wrote and drew all of the first few years of Spidey and except for Venom (who came decades later) created all the major villians in Spidey’s rogues gallery. Its well known that while Stan gets the writing credit on Spiderman that it was actually Ditko who did everything.

But despite Kirby and Ditko doing the lion’s share of the creating, drawing, and writing they got completely shafted by Stan Lee and Marvel. Stan made millions while Kirby and Ditko left the company penniless without getting any royalties from their creations or the company. It led to many lawsuits and harsh feelings and later events that still plague Marvel to this day. In the mid 90’s most of the companies top artistic talent fled Marvel and formed Image comics because (and they cite this specifically) they’d seen what Marvel had done to Jack Kirby and didn’t want to end up like him.

Many current writers / artists either refuse to work for Marvel or will only do so on a limited basis using only pre existing characters rather than create their own because they will get Kirbied by Marvel with them. They save their own creations for companies like Image where they control their creations and get royalties.

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