STAHL’S SPIN: ‘60 Minutes’ Host Falsely Claims Obama Never Separated Families at the Border | Sean Hannity

CBS’ News host Lesley Stahl found herself in hot-water Monday following her combative interview with President Trump over the weekend; falsely claiming former President Obama had never “separated families” along the United States’ southern border with Mexico.

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So. they did the same thing. Obama on a limited basis, reluctantly, and not at all with the vengeance of will that President Trump has so eagerly embraced. The thing I did not see in the reporting from the links in the OP is where President Obama housed separated children in chainlink cages as was shown in the media that President Trump has done?

Trump is right about the essential “kicking the can down the road” that is pretty much part and parcel of what current immigration law is. I also do approve of much of his crackdown on illegal immigration, with caveats, like his ending DACA in an attempt to get Congress to fix it.

Stahl should have been better prepared and not try the “Obama didn’t do it” when it was really “Yeah, Obama did do that, but he did it differently” then she should have compared the differences. That would have been more honest and given the viewers better information.

It is like the “wall”. The one that Trump has finagled to begin construction in places is an almost identical one to the type that President Obama was building along the southern border. Many people don’t seem to know that President Obama had any wall built during his presidency, kind of like they didn’t know about the other immigration things he did, like family separation.

People seem to think Obama was a total wimp about the border and immigration enforcement, but as it is seen here in the OP, he wasn’t a wimp at all.