Sports You've Created

As long as you have two or more people doing any competitive activity that requires any sort of movement, then technically it can be called a sport. It could be anything
from throwing peanuts to try and catch them in your mouth, and to see who
can catch the most, too two people seeing who can buy the most groceries the
fastest within a limited amount of time.

So technically, there are a lot of sports out there in the world in general. I guess
my question to everyone would be, are there any homemade sports that you
and anybody you know have created yourselves? and if so, please explain how
you play it, and the rules to the game you’ve created?

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when growing up in the mid 60’s we lived in a basement apartment with exposed overhead water pipes.
the ones in living room were 5 inches apart 7 feet overhead. made a 3 1/2 inch round ball made of socks. Basketball rules except no dribbling and no dunking, shots had to occur at least 5 feet away. 2 man sides. Loads of fun in the winter.


sounds unique in a cool way.

I remember as a real young kid living in a trailer. 3 of us kids. it was something
little game wise, but in the hallways it was very narrow, and so we would
try to climb the walls, and see how high we could get, and if we could touch the
ceilings or not.

As a little kid, climbing that high, and dropping from that high was pretty daring. lol.

Personally, i created full contact fishing on a Charter out on Lake Michigan. Almost launched one of my buddies of the back of the boat while trolling in 70 ft of water.

In our teens, in the late 70’s early 80’s, we came up with “Sockey”. Was a team game, a combo of soccer and hockey. No limit on amount of players…We used to damn near kill each other…lol, Was an awesome game. Would be great for ESPN OCHO…lol.

I remember in my teens doing so many stupid stuff.

That’s kids being kids to some degree. kids have gatta run around a get dirty,
and get scrapes and bruises! It’s kids being kids.

Now a days, they don’t wanna go outside, they’re rather use some
sort of technology and have that raise them.

“Now a days, they don’t want to ho outside”


There is a soccer field behind the complex near my place of residence. Seems every day around 4 PM there is practice or a game.

Well, I think people still do organized things and “get out”, do chores, etc… but let’s be honest, just going outside and playing has some serious competition these days… :computer:

A lot of parents in general raise there children using electronics.
The obesity rate in America is either the highest of one of the highest in the world.

In my opinion, this is largely to do electronics consuming our children’s lives!

Oh my God, you want to hear what young adults will do when they get bored? How about TIRE football?

Two per team for best results.

Field: One oversized single car garage with driveway or something similar.
Defense: Five or six ordinary tires without rims.
Offense: Two Ordinary or larger tires with rims and a donut with the rim. Small plastic football.

The objective is to roll the rimmed tires at the tires forming a defensive line creating a gap for the donut (with ball in the rim hole) to squeeze through.

The donut with ball has to be released before the offensive line tires hit the defensive line. So you can’t wait for holes to be created. Same goes for the defense using linebackers. Those are tires not on the defensive line but behind the defensive line used to roll at the approaching offense. The object is to meet the offensive tires at the LOS, not before they get there.

I was even surprised at just how entertaining and comical this game was. And yes, there are fumbles!

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that’s cool

Being launched sounds exciting, and some what scary at the same time! lol.

When I was in Jr High we would meet in the gym before class. We played a form of baseball where you used a tennis ball and racket. We could play the ball off the wall like racket ball and hit people with the ball like dodgeball. The cool part was we started to get fans. By the end of the year we were filling the bleachers.

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That’s badass! Especially that you were filling the bleachers!
That’s when it goes from just a made up game, to something more.

It’s a great memory. I haven’t thought about it for years. Thanks for taking me back. :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks for sharing!