Spokesman for GOP on Kavanaugh nomination resigns; has been accused of

My goodness what the heck is going on in the GOP

they have always been like this. they are just finally being exposed for what they truly are…

It is the modern GOP.

They embody predatory depraved behavior.

Leave Fat Donald alone with your daughter? ■■■■ that!

Leave any depraved GOP pervert with your son or daughter? ■■■■ that!

Sounds like the GOP took care of business. Sorry the 29 year old lied on his resume. The rest is fodder, lie on your resume and it comes out and you are gone most places. Media likes to fan the fire don’t they, what a bunch of losers.

Lol yeah blame the media

How is it the media’s fault? Given the accusation against Kavanaugh of course this development is news.

Not sure what you mean by a bunch of losers. Journalists and commentators on your so called liberal outlets reach a heck of a lot more people with there reporting and musings than you or any of us could ever hope to on this forum.

correct. the family/christian values were always fake for a ton of people. if i were to actually describe what they use private christian schools for i’d probably be banned (while our President says horrible stuff constantly).

Because I do not care about their political views I want the News. If I want a political view I will watch a talk show. That goes for all parties, it just gets old being force fed crap you have to sort through.

“They” meaning men? Yup, men sure have always been like this. Of course, the moral luster of the GOP is certainly fading.