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I’ve occasionally observed that with many people these days they essentially imagine that if they found themselves in Isaiah’s slippers in the Temple, before the manifested Lord, with the angels proclaiming “Holy, Holy Holy” that they would get a pat on the back for being such great folks.


Maybe a little harsh? How many would react as Isaiah did? Isaiah is in the Temple when Angels appear proclaiming holiness. In contrast he realizes he is a man with unclean lips. Faced with a contrast of words that are pure holiness, I am of the mind almost all of us would have that stark realization, that in comparison, we are a person with unclean lips. We would want that ember to touch and purify us. Perhaps?


I’m sure that relative to all here on earth, you’re a good guy but…when the time comes, IMO…you’ll be shown the error of your ways and then you’ll be enlightened. I also believe our Lord is a just, loving and righteous Lord who will be your Judge.


You might remember I believe in a place of final purification (purgatory) before we enter heaven. Some think of it as a temporary prison (meaning they cannot yet walk into the presence of God) where people are kept until the last penny is paid. I can see where people of faith, recognizing their failings, would be happy to undergo this purification so they might see God.

However, wouldn’t people who are unbelieving and even resentful of God in this life, content in their belief He is unholy and unworthy of their worship, be equally resentful of God in the next life for not accepting them as they are, and therefore still believing He is unworthy of their worship?

How many who are set in their condemnation of God in this life would not be equally condemning of Him in the next if to see God, they must first be purified of all feelings of condemnation towards God? Wouldn’t they feel this is simply a form of brain washing and cling to the conclusions they formed in this life?


… no. I imagine the reality of “this life” would be vastly different than an afterlife where one can more directly speak with “God”. God sure would be a terrible communicator that if even in heaven he breeds resentment. At some point, God needs to stop blaming his creation and start looking at himself.


There are mysteries that lie ahead in the next life of which, I presently am uninformed. In this life, one of my ministries is to encourage all I encounter to examine their relationship with God and my Lord. One of Jesus’s parables paints a picture where as you can see those that may be tormented. If I could see a person that crossed my path and this was their outcome, my heart would be crushed. You are much more elegant in speaking of your faith than I but I…like you…just keep on, keepin on.

BTW…how is everything West Coast?


I was commenting of what they seem to imagine would be the case, not what would be the case.

As for harshness or not, I don’t care. When someone attests that they are good enough they are calling God a liar because His assessment is that He looked and found not one of us who measured up. Try calling a human judge a liar while you’re sitting in his dock and see what that get you.

“Harsh”, if it gets anyone to see what they’re really claiming so that they might repent of it, is simply what is sometimes called for.


Currently the West Coast begins in Utah and extends over to Korea–and we are all doing very well. Hope all is the same on the East Coast!


I understand. I look at it from two perspectives. The first is that the Bible is inspired by God and written by man. It is clear from the passage that the authors realized that mankind, as a whole, was not living up to expectations. We were not being a holy people.

Yet along with this, we must remember God’s love and that it is not His intent to condemn the world. He is our judge, and it is our hearts He will judge.

True unbelief, but with the intent to live well, is entirely different from those who treat God and His ways with contempt. I know many, through ignorance, feel they have good reason to regard God with contempt. It is these people who may need a heads up. Will their ignorance be reason enough to gain forgiveness–or, could they have done better in their studies?


I could ask the exact same about those who worship God. Maybe they could have done better with their studies. Maybe God rewards ruthless skepticism and those who hold him accountable. A god who claims no responsibility for his creation is not a god worth worshipping.