Speaking of Bald Eagles, I want to give a special early Father's Day shout out to M-15 of the SWFL nest in Fort Myers

Harriet the female eagle disappeared a month ago and is presumed deceased.

By all rights, both eaglets likely should have died of starvation.

Instead, here is a picture of them two weeks ago.

And now they are rapidly approaching fledging.

M-15 truly stepped up to the plate as a dad. He has brought plenty of food, fed the chicks and defended them from dangers such as Great Horned Owls and other eagles, despite the fact that as a male, he is significantly smaller than a female eagle.

If he gets both these chicks fledged, he definitely deserves Father of the Year. :smile:

And it looks like his devotion to duty has attracted some attention. A young female designated R23-3 has been following him and displaying courtship behavior. :smile:


Well done, bird


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That’s impressive as hell.

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better “feel good” post after reading about the lousy situation in the other thread. Thank you for such impeccable timing.

Harriet missing was truly sad. But you’re correct M-15 is doing a fantastic job despite unfavorable odds.

Good post, Safiel.


E21 (Older chick) branched on March 17.

E22 branched on March 21.

E-21 could fledge at anytime now.

And again, kudos to M-15 for getting them to this point.