Sparta, North Carolina earthquake

The epicenter of Sunday morning’s (8:07 am) earthquake in North Carolina was located just outside of Sparta, North Carolina and about 15 to 18 miles west of my location.

Pictures are from the Food Lion in Sparta.

Some older and less well built structures in the general area were damaged, some houses shifted off their foundations. Chimneys damaged or toppled. Items scattered and damaged in businesses and residences. There was also some minor road damage.

I was sitting downstairs this morning when it occurred and their was no doubt at all what happened. We had small items knocked off counters and tables around the house, but no damage other than some small broken glass items.

Fortunately, building codes in North Carolina account for the possibility of seismic events and new construction is extremely resistant to moderate earthquakes such as this one.

2.9 after shock at 4:45 pm today just outside of Sparta. Not enough to feel unless you were pretty much right on top of the epicenter.

The original earthquake was 5.1

I’ve never felt an earthquake in Arizona here. I’ve felt dozen of earthquakes when I lived in California, including the 1994 Northridge quake.

I have experienced a few very minor earthquakes in Pennsylvania and elsewhere on the east coast. This is about as powerful as I have every experienced.

Never experienced an earthquake.

Been through several hurricanes and tornados.

Stay safe out there Saf.