Spare a Thought for the Vulture Capitalists | National Review

A short but inciteful little piece on “vulture capitalism.”

People use the term vulture capitalist as an epithet, but that is an entirely inaccurate and unfair characterization.

In nature, the vulture performs a nasty, but absolutely vital function, cleaning up the fallen and eliminating disease vectors, thus keeping the entire natural community around it healthy and prosperous.

So to does the vulture capitalist. He tears apart the carcass of the fallen or falling and recycles the remnants to better use, thus ultimately benefiting the greater community.

Sears was going to die from its own malaise and mistakes. It had long since passed the point of no return. Keeping the corpse breathing on a debt ridden and failing retailer would have helped nobody in the long term. Terminating Sears and recycling its healthy and nutritious remnants, such as Craftsman, Kenmore and other products lines that can survive given new homes. Its considerable property holdings can certainly be put to better uses that will ultimately benefit the surrounding communities.

So called vulture capitalists are a positive good, by cleaning the economic landscape of dead and rotting corpses and recycling land and capital to better use.

Some times it’s hard to tell the difference between a vulture capitalist and a corporate raider.

As the article states, abusive behavior occurs. That is just the nature of mankind.

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And that’s why they need to be controlled.

Sadly that’s not what happened with tru and sears…

There is a point when the control damages the free market to a greater extent than the abusive behavior would.

Many government regulations and enforcement mechanisms exist and do stop much abusive behavior.

But the absolute level of control needed to completely stop abuse would also stop legitimate actions to recycle a dying company or organization.

I think the government currently exercises a sufficient level of control. I don’t see a massive continuing pattern of abuse that would justify new controls.

And if they should be needed down the road, they should be narrowly instituted so as to not obstruct legitimate behavior such as the recycling of Sears.

Sometimes it can be good Fairfax Financial a Canadian holding company bought all the Toy’s R Us in Canada and reformed the company and kept it open.

And I say good for them. If they are able to reform that brand into a healthy an profitable concern, that is good.

Which is good for me because that is where I buy my LEGO.

There’s no indication of any significant trouble in industry of the bleeding dry of corporate corpse’s.

Undoubtable this article is a whine for action by Baby Donnie.

They are not calling for any action and National Review is NOT a Trumpist organization in the slightest. They have called him out numerous times for things he has done.

The article writer is merely calling certain people to task for making inaccurate characterizations.

Perhaps, but it’s never to early to start lobbying when you have a sympathetic ear in the WH and senate.