SpaceX launches Starship/Super Heavy Booster on fourth test flight

Launch occurs just after 1 hour 43 minutes into the video.

After you watch the launch, you can forward to 2 hour 28 minutes, just before we start to see plasma, which occurred around 109 kilometers.

There was successful booster and Starship splashdowns.

HOW they got a successful Starship splashdown needs to be seen to be believed. The fins and flaps are literally disintegrating before your eyes at one point, yet they successfully splashdown.

A VERY successful day. The fact that the vehicle successfully splashed down given the damage it was sustaining puts an exclamation mark on that.

Yes…a good day for Elon Musk.

Now onto the moon.

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The fact that the damaged control surface lasted for a controlled landing flip and splashdown deceleration burn is just amazing.


Structural integrity still questionable even if visual anecdotal observation seems otherwise.

Supper heavy splash down video.