SONIA SOTOMAYOR Three documented falls that resulted in broken bones

Each of these three stories documents separate Injuries. Is this not news?

I see two, 2014 and April 2018. Sucks to break a bone or tweak a joint, we have all been there.

But since she is not a power forward for the Celtics, I think we are OK. What kind of stories do you need other than linked?

I would pay good money to see her play power forward for the Celtics. I bet she’d pull a rope a dope, spin baseline, launch and dunk ferociously over the help defense.

Hang on the rim until the destroyed players beneath clear out. Give one up to god on her jog down court.

If you only see 2 you may need glasses. Broken hand , broken ankle and now broken shoulder ball.

Why are Sonia Sotomayor’s health problems newsworthy?

Maybe she, being in her 60s, doesn’t have the balance & more dense bones of a young woman.

Seems to me she gets right back up & goes to work again.

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can you imagine the response from the Democrats if it were Trump who had problems just walking. The point is that combined with her obesity and diabetes , these injuries are sure to hamper her cardio health.

Old people fall down and break things, especially old women. It happens.

She is either an alcoholic or so old as to be unsteady. Either way she should be removed.

Ok, she may lose the next game against the Lakers, but I think we can manage.

Lol I love the hair on fire tone of that second headline.

I was thinking dementia, meth addiction, or demonic possession. We need a doctor, a rehab therapist, and an exorcist to respond ASAP. Remove her from the bench, and replace her with a drug and demon-free Trumpist. It’s the only way to save America.

The Baltimore Orioles can sure use her, she’s probably better than half the team right now.

Back in 2006 I managed to break my right leg, left wrist, and left elbow over the space of 6 months. Never broke anything before or since. Sometimes ■■■■ just happens.


Hope the old girl is alright. Sometimes you have to do what’s best and get away from the tough work schedule to rest up and heal. She should seriously consider an extended vacation.

She’ll have up days and down days, but at the end of the season you can expect a solid 16/9/2/1/1 line from her, more than enough to justify her 5-year, $95 million extension.

Seems pricy now, but in 2021 it’ll look like a bargain.

She can pitch, too. But she’s a submariner. Her delivery is herky jerky but the ball has lots of downward movement. Catchers who have caught knuckleballers handle her best.

With the Orioles, her WAR would be at least 2.

Every lib is demon possessed, that just goes without saying.

You’ve gone soft. It’s not just libs, it’s everyone who fails to obey and adore Donald without question. Do we need to send you to a re-education camp to assure your loyalties are in the right place?