Song Titles And Artists (Part 2)

Continuing the discussion from Song Titles And Artists (Part 1) - #10032 by Janet_Miller.

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There’s No Way—Alabama

Alabama - Neil Young

International Bright Young Thing - Jesus Jones

Pretty Young Thing—Michael Jackson

Wild Thing - The Troggs

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Love is All Around—The Troggs

All Is Full of Love - Bjork

Love drive - Scorpions

I Can’t Drive 55 - Sammy Hagar

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Slow Ride—Foghat

“Free Ride” ~ The Edgar Winter Group

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DJ Nerd42 - Alpha XIII (The Ranger vs Mars ILL)

Treasure—Bruno Mars

Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars

Uptown Girl—Billy Joel

Wannabe - Spice Girls

Pretty Fly for a White Guy—The Offspring

Oh, Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison

She’s My Baby—The Traveling Wilburys