Sondland, the U.S. ambassador to the European Union and a central figure in the House impeachment inquiry of President Trump, is overseeing a nearly $1 million renovation of his government-provided residence, paid for with taxpayer money

Is there no end to the “I’ll scratch your back and you scratch mine” mentality of this administration? Sondland is an unqualified Trump puppet doing Trump’s bidding, so look what he gets?

What is your point? That US Ambassadors should live in squalor? He is a rich man who is used to the best things that decided to serve his country. He shouldn’t have to live in a Obama ghetto to do so.


That’s nothing!
Hunter Biden collected millions from an Oligarch that lost 1.8 billion in US foreign aid to the Ukraine.

Good to be a Prince in the land of King Trump!

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From the OP article:

The work on the ambassador’s home on the outskirts of Brussels includes more than $400,000 in kitchen renovations, nearly $30,000 for a new sound system and $95,000 for an outdoor “living pod” with a pergola and electric heating, LED lighting strips and a remote-control system, government procurement records show.

The State Department also has allocated more than $100,000 for an “alternate” residence for Sondland for September and October, while work is performed.


We once more see the good works of the stable genius!

$400 K
$95 K
$ 30 K

$525 K

Well, Obese Donald gave back his $400 K salary for 2019 so the Taxpayers are only $125 K in the whole for Prince Sondland’s new digs.

Not much coin for making nice for one of the Three Amigo’s!

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During the Obama administration, the house was used two to three nights a week for entertaining. “The gardens were superb, and it had a fantastic swimming pool. The facility is one of the most luxurious of any in Brussels,” one person said.

Obama ghetto, indeed!

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I want an outdoor living pod. Sounds cool.


And keep in mind that this is a very wealthy Trump donor with no qualifications to be ambassador to ANYWHERE. So of course, Trump makes him Ambassador to the EU, but puts him in charge of the Ukrainian strong-arming. Ukraine is not a member of EU, but a Trump loyalist was needed.

You consider this stuff a rich guy deserves tax payers to pay for?

nearly $30,000 for a new sound system and $95,000 for an outdoor “living pod” with a pergola and electric heating, LED lighting strips and a remote-control system, government procurement records show.

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More Winning!

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I don’t see why not.

Sorry for not replying earlier, the title was so long I felt that reading the thread wouldn’t add much!

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On the one hand, there is a history of both parties rewarding large donors with ambassadorships… this is not a uniquely Trump phenomenon.

On the other hand, taxpayers are right to wonder at the expense. Sondland charged $100K for accommodations during the renovation… i.e, he spent a bit more than $3000 a night a hotel or equivalent. Is that how you want your money spent. He’s in Brussels for crying out loud and probably could have spent a month very comfortably in the US Embassy, costing us nothing.

This sort of self-dealing has run through the Trump Administration to a remarkable degree – most of it carried out by people like Sondland who were rich to begin with.

Can’t argue that point.:crazy_face:

Having worked with and dealing with rich guys all of my professional career I can honestly say no one, and I mean no one, likes free crap more than rich guys. They live for this stuff because they have a long line of people willing to buy them dinners, trips and generally kiss their backsides. They get used to it, it becomes normal.

Having been born in a very lower class household, I could never adjust to that sort of stuff, I pay my own way.

Sondland is a pretender, not a diplomat. And he was duped into this Ukraine situation, where he had no reason to be. SO no.

Come now. Somdland donated a million to Trump’s inauguration fund.

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