Sometimes life throws you for a loop

So, I found out today that my cousin had passed away overnight. This one has hit me pretty hard, as she was like a little sister to me. Additionally, the doctors have determined the cause of death was a genetic deficiency that we shared. In my case, it was discovered after I had a stroke about a decade ago. I had been on her case for the last 10 years to get herself tested. Apparently, she never did.

She leaves behind 2 kids, one of whom is still in high school. I know it’s going to sound crazy, but the question I keep asking myself is why couldn’t it have been me instead of her. I don’t have kids, and frankly would likely have only a handful of folks to show up at my funeral. She has 2 kids, a sister, a mother, and a grandmother (not shared) who will all have to deal with a lot of grief now. It’s weird the thoughts that go through your head in a time like this.

Anyway, please be in prayer for her family. This is extremely hard on them, especially her mother - who also lost her husband a year ago. We’re all taking turns trying to stay with her.

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I am sorry for your loss.

When people go young it always hits really hard.

My prayers and love to you and your family. So difficult when they are young like that. Please don’t beat up yourself, you are loved, appreciated, and valued too.

Take care, and take care of each other.

Sorry for your loss. I’ve been through something very similar a while back and it nearly destroyed me.

Sorry for your loss.

Not everyone is meant to be a parent, and your life has meaning and purpose, too. You can be there for them.

Condolences and comfort for them and for you.

My prayers to you, WR. We just had something like that though not as extreme. (An unexpected illness with my wife, but she’s taking care of herself and appears to be doing good.) It does throw you. That’s for sure.