Something Happy

What joys are occurring in you guys’ lives?

Took a night off from work. Both the kid’s complete physical & posture screening were healthy.

She not only was open to something I cooked last night, but enjoyed it. We took a long ride home & I thought someone else’s daughter was in my car.

She didn’t bother with headphones & we talked about any and everything, including some heavy subjects.

How is everyone on the Forum doing?

My vegetable garden is abundant. My flowers are beautiful. The birds and butterflies, chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits, bugs and spiders have been so fun to watch. Touch of fall. Full moon!

I am so blessed. By a coincidence of timing, my family of three is virtually untouched by this pandemic, in every way. I find joy in that every day.

I’m glad you and your daughter connected. She’s not someone else’s daughter. She’s yours!

Stay safe, be happy.

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