Something bad is going to happen

Nope rule was put me on ignore. Now ignore me.

Just put him on ignore.

Works for me.

I have been just ignoring him. Thing is we were both told to ignore each other or be punished. He knows what was said.

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That’s easy.

Is widely know that Jim Morrison was the “Lizard King”.

Although it wouldn’t surprise me if biden claimed that he was.

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The first three letters are AGEnda so Joe Potato Head denies the existence.

There could never be anything similar to Jim Morrison that Joe Potato Head could ever claim.

Morrison’s life although tragically lost too soon was iconic and he defined a generation that included probably intellectually more educated than the rabble walking among us now slack jawed and knuckles dragging on the ground.
OBiden defines the consummate lying, scheming and grifting political asshat that panders for a cheap vote while not giving a rats ass about the promises made.

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