Someone Is Kicking the Legs Out From Under and Destabilizing Our Caribbean Neighbors (cuba this time)

Now who would do such a thing, and what will be the consequences and measures required to deal with it??

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From the article…

Spinetto writes that the crisis can’t be fixed "without fundamentally changing the country’s centralized, state-controlled model where bureaucrats rule over every aspect of public life."

And to think, A LOT of idiots in this country would like nothing more for us here.


Did China entice them into a bunch of Belt and Road loans?

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My first thought is China, not Russia.

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Thats some kind of detailed article but i am looking for more

maybe when Michael Moore gets sick he can pay his Cuban doctors with food

The Cuban govt has long used the US trade embargo as an excuse for their economic ills. That might hold up except that nobody outside of the US pays any attention to it. As is the case everywhere, all problems are due to the government interference in free exchange of goods.

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Yeah…the government is so well run, that just using tax money, they make a profit…amirite? :wink:

Government can not do things that are so well thought out, they generate tax revenue over the tax revenue it took to get their idea started and running. They have NEVER done anything even close. Pelosi is the perfect example. She’s been in politics almost all of her life, was Speaker of the House and just consider where San Fran was prior to her entering office and where it is now. Can you smell just how lousy a job she’s done. Now please do not be stupid enough libs to believe she can EVER do anything better for this country. She’s corrupt. She’s made millions for herself through insider trading but has done NOTHING for her constituents. That’s our current politicians and how they operate.

According to the right wing, this is the natural outcome of “Leftist policies”…so why would you think someone did this other than the a leftist government of Cuba?