Somehow it has becomes the King's Forest and the King's Deer again

I was watching one of these game warden following shows, the one from Louisiana, and they arrested a guy because he was taking deer to feed himself without a license. Turned out he was also a convicted felon and not supposed to own a rifle. This was a poor country boy with a criminal record. He wasn’t taking more than he could eat, from the look of the remains shown he was using the whole deer. I am a big law an order guy, but telling a man he can’t hunt to eat just doesn’t have a good feel to it. He was arrested and ordered to pay $6,500 dollars in restitution for killing and eating 4 of the State’s (King’s) deer. He was also charged with being a felon in possession of a fire arm (bolt action hunting rifle).

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A crime to eat. What a loony time.

He isn’t stealing processed food from a store, or another person’s groceries from their home, or car, or another person’s domestic livestock. And he wan’t hunting on someone else’s land. It’s was just the King’s deer.

Well, I don’t know how it works in Louisiana, but in my state hunting permits are used to regulate how many deer (or elk or moose) are taken in order to maintain the population.

Which means it’s not the king’s deer, it’s wildlife management.

No it’s the king’s deer. The South is over run by deer. They are everywhere, kind of like feral hogs, and the states aren’t doing anything to really manage them. No the officers were adamant, with much self righteousness, that he was taking resources of the state. Like I said I am a big law and order guy, but watching it made me think of the kings soldiers chasing a starving serf.

Okay. I’ll take your word on all of that.

The wife likes these shows, so they are often on when I get home. Texas, New Hampshire, Louisiana, Michigan all seem to have shows dedicated to their game warden divisions. And all talk about it being state resources. And apparently the ability to conduct searches on mere suspicion.

Trust me he’s right. Deer populations are out of control in the semi wooded areas of the south.

Hell I need to take back up hunting so that I can do my part and get the deer population back to manageable numbers. Every body shop you see around is full of damaged cars waiting on body panels and 90% of them are due to deer collisions.

Hell a girl I know got to enjoy her brand new Nissan Sentra for only five hours before she smoked a big ass doe. Did 5000 dollars worth of damage. What’s crazy is that she had just avoided one a mile up the road before the one she hit jumped out of a ditch right in front of her car.

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I didn’t mean to imply I didn’t believe him, only that I cannot confirm anything in that post. I live in an entirely different part of the country.

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We’re so overrun, dnr released coyotes. Now we’re overrun with coyotes and deer and feral hogs, but the Turkey population is suffering greatly.

I’d like to know what his felony was and if he’d served his time. There should be ways for a man to regain his rights after paying his debt.



He should have claimed to be Antifa, opposing White tail supremacy.

They would probably have paid him for his effort to oppose racism.

The deer was named Kyle.

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So you’re for no hunting licenses or seasons?

I don’t think you should have to be licensed to subsistence hunt on your own property.

The man was a late 30’s to early 40’s African American, living in the back woods of North Central Louisiana. The show didn’t say what his prior charge was, but did go into detail that he was taking the deer for food.


Difficult to fault a man for feeding himself without harm to other humans.

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