Some Thoughts On Government

Three branches of government. Two chambers of Congress.

All have completely different functions, hence the different ways of choosing people to perform the roles.

And here we are, talking about fundamentally changing the form of government yet again.

What the ignorant fail to understand are the dependencies, the delicate and complex nature of the system the founders designed. They may not have understood it themselves.

When one starts monkeying with a complex system, it behooves one to very carefully consider the implications and impacts of the change on the system as a whole and the other parts therein.

Of course that rarely happens when one is blinded by the will to power.

Very dangerous doings.


Good post I have often said that a good functioning society in today’s world is a very rare thing if one has traveled outside of the US and see how things in most other countries are, one sees what we have is rare.

I have use the comparison as our country as a fragile ecosystem rather than something they can just be tossed around in a salad dish. It’s far from perfect but outside of about 10 countries the envy of the world and may be something that we should pause and think hard about before upending.

Now if people want to take away some of the power of the Supreme Court I’m all for that as I feel like they have to much power over the years. It’s in my opinion that no single government official outside the president should be so important that his or her replacement could shift the course and destiny of the nation.

It started with Marbury

Then the 17th Amendment

Now all this talk of popular vote for President.

They aren’t teaching the roles anymore. It’s become a trophy hunt.


Not staying in their lanes anymore. I believe we discuses this long time ago. Each branches encroaching onto other branches as they redefine their roles.

That and American people are allowing em out of ignorance IMO. Well that and our educational system has failed em.

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I’d appreciate if you could identify who is talking, and what change is being proposed.

I should have read further. questions answered.

I’m sure the legitimacy of the government is out of the question.

That’s the one where the SCOTUS ruled that the Father of the Constitution didn’t understand what he wrote.

I’m not a fan of changing the electoral college either.

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As long as the the original role of the electoral college is taught, rather than the modern myth that it was a prescient check against mob rule, the popular vote will gain momentum.

Don’t it require like 35 states to sign up for that? In terms of changing to a popular vote over the electoral college? If that is the case I highly doubt the smaller states will be signing on to anything like that in our lifetime.

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The fact that they’re smaller makes them the most vulnerable to change.

Arguments in favor of the popular vote appeal to Americans’ inherent understanding of how elections should work, it’s a very easy idea to sell.

We call this regression testing. It’s built into the development lifecycle.

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government is a necessary evil…

of course, the bigger the government…


There are two ways of changing the system. The first a constitutional amendment, the second action at a state level. A constitutional amendment is seen as impossible to achieve. It would require 3/4 of the states to approve it and seems unlikely in these highly partisan times to expect the needed number of states to approve any change. The alternative change could take place at a state level. That change could be done in two different ways. The first would be to stop selecting the electors on a winner take all basis.

It shows complete ignorance why the electoral college exists so of course it is an easy sell.

We are a constitutional republic, not a democracy.

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They don’t even understand what they’re electing for, much less how it should be done.

Kind of the whole point.

The original reason for the electoral college, like most parts of a complex system, is multifold. It is a piece designed to address multiple issues.

One of the reasons was as a check on mob rule.

What I’ve witnessed in this life is that very few people look beyond next Friday’s paycheck. Therefore, they are blind to what you just suggested.


The whole popular vote thing, both with Senators and now with the President, is nothing more than childish petulance. A demand for attention in a Walmart aisle.

Give them the popular vote for President and the judiciary is next.


There are robust arguments against electing the judiciary, so that’s very unlikely.

Arguments in favor of the electoral college are significantly weaker.