Some say all they need is a little more training . .

for officers when dealing with those with a mental illness. Sometimes all the training in the wold doesn’t make a difference.

In Salt Lake City, an appartment complex speciallises in living arrangement for the homless and man of them havemental illness (is that the politically correct terminology still). The managers have a little training in what to do if they start to have an eppisode. So what happens when the person with the training can’t help, and fears for the safety of others in the apartment complex? They call the cops. Who show up with others who are trained:

Brand, who has schizoaffective disorder, was threatening the staff at the apartment complex, said Salt Lake Police Capt. Ty Farillas. Staffers reported to police that he was “going off the rails and being kind of aggressive and threatening.”

Three officers, including at least one member of the Crisis Intervention Team, and a caseworker who works with the apartment complex responded, Farillas said.

The Police department has released body cam footage of what happens next.

The body camera videos start with the officers walking toward Brand’s fourth floor apartment. The conversation is light . . …

If people being shot offends you. This is your warning. Don’t click the link, then click the video.

When Brand opened the door, he pointed a gun at officers without saying a word. The weapon was later determined to be a paintball gun.

Sometimes the professionals don’t get a chance to talk to the guy.

Open a door and point a gun at people . . . expect your lifespan to be shortened immediatly.

Again, you’ve been warning. If you click the link, then click the video – if your offended it’s your own damn fault.

Edited video, the audio is intact but they blanked out the video of the good stuff. :slight_smile:

Found a link that shows the full video.

Nothing gory in the slightest about, just a guy getting shot and dropping.

I will reiterate Snow’s warning from earlier, though in my personal opinion, it is very tame stuff.