Some Dems Want to Make Joining the NRA Illegal

Which served the membership. Without members the organization would not exist.

Since our founding the NRA has always designed, implemented, and organized programs to serve the membership.

That is just a dumb statement. They weren’t formed to “serve their members”. They were formed to teach safety and competence. You know this.
They have lost their way.

If the majority of their members want universal background checks and they lobby against it, are they serving their members?

How exactly are they not serving the membership by teaching firearms safety, competence, and promoting the shooting sports?

More and more I see NRA member’s similarity to Juggalos.

If the majority of their members want universal background checks and they lobby against it, are they serving their members?

This of course is absolutely false no such poll of the membership was ever done that showed anywhere close to that level of support for UBC’s.

What exactly is that supposed to mean?

Meh. 29% of Conservatives want to make inter-racial marriage illegal in Mississippi. There are dumb people on both sides.

I provided you with polls earlier in this thread showing the support for background checks by NRA members.
Simple math and logic would also tell you that members support background checks. Unless you want to believe that the NRA is woefully out of step with the rest of the country that has polled at 80-90% that want UBC

There has never been an outside poll of the membership on the subject and those polls have no control at all on them to even see if those claiming to be members are.

The one most frequently quoted was done with a small sample in one state so it’s even less than useless.

I don’t care if we’re out of step with the rest of the country. Those of us on the side of civil rights in the 60’s and 70’s were also out of step with most of the country for a very long time.

Our rights are not subject to the whims of the majority which is easily misled by the dem’s and their leftwing media cohorts.

UBC’s would violate our 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 14th Amendment rights and would require a national registration database which creates even further violations of the same rights.

If you honestly believe it is that strong, start a petition for an amendment.

All of them dude. Every single one of them. COME ON! They aren’t fooling anyone.

Then, how can you claim that the majority of members are against UBC?

It is when it comes to rights.

He’s inside. So was I.

I see the internal data and speak to hundreds or thousands of members every year as well as attending the annual meetings.

Being on a first name basis with and source for quite a few of those in leadership not much having to do with the NRA is a closed book to me.

Your sample size is way smaller than the polls I provided to you.

No it isn’t. Not one of your polls can even confirm that any of the respondents are even members.

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More horse ■■■■ claims. Ask anybody if they want to do a bgc on their own kid to give them a birthday present.

They were asked if they were NRA members. Your anecdotal experiences isn’t enough to support your claim. I provided you with actual polls. You are saying that the polls must be wrong because you know hundreds if not thousands of members.

No they weren’t.

You require me to quote your posts when responding. I request the same of you.