Some Dems Want to Make Joining the NRA Illegal


Okie Dokie!

Not what i said at all.

You forgot universal background checks

The original mission statement was not “to serve it’s members”. That type of statement isn’t created when an organization is created. It is another example of how the NRA lost it’s way.

I am not saying that. I am saying the Democrat Party Leadership wants to disarm American Citizens in such a way that they will be unable to resist an iron fisted communist/socialist rule.

Our Founders intended ordinary citizens to keep and bear arms [a contemporary fire arm used by foot soldiers] so they would be ready and able to defend themselves against a despotic government if necessary.

The AR-15-semi is a civilian version of the United States military’s M16. The Democrat Party Leadership wants to remove the AR-15-semi from the hands of law abiding citizens, making them unable to resist the communist/socialist agenda of the Democrat Party Leadership.


In every oppressive country like communist China, socialist Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, etc., the people are disarmed and suffer the loss of inalienable rights under an iron fisted government which lives large on the people’s labor. Forewarned is forearmed.

UBC’s violate far more than our 2nd Amendment rights.

Who said anything about “Mission Statement”?

The sole purpose of the NRA is to serve the membership, that includes everything from firearms safety training, to competition to protecting our 2nd Amendment rights.

Yet they are supported by 80-90% of the population. Opposed by the NRA.

The OP article says 28%, not 32%

I don’t care, our rights are not predicated on the whims of the majority and there’s never been a comprehensive poll done on the subject explaining what UBC even means.

You did.

Read that again very slowly, I said nothing about a mission statement.

It has been polling at 80-90% for a few years now. You cant blame that on a stupid populace. The majority of the gun owners are for UBC. Are they not informed?

Try to parse your words, your statement is still wrong.

And again there’s never been a comprehensive poll explaining what it means and again, it’s irrelevant since our Rights as protected by the BOR are not subject to the whims of the majority.

My statement is absolutely accurate in every way and you cannot even begin to show otherwise.

The opinion of 90% of the population is never irrelevant.

The NRA was founded to teach firearm safety and competence. You, of all people here, know that. To argue that isn’t true, is just an argument by you for the sake of arguing.

Unless and until the Bill of Rights is repealed it certainly is.