Some clarity on nasty words, please

So a month or so ago, I was TO’d for a couple of weeks for an expletive in a video (the Trump Access Hollywood video, incidentally) that I posted and warned about with a “Language alert.” This week I found a post with a George Carlin video with a word that would be filtered here. (One of Carlin’s seven forbidden words it was.) I flagged it and the video was apparently only deleted but I don’t believe a TO was given.

So what was the difference between my post and this one, which did not have a language alert on it whereas mine did? And what’s the current policy on swear words in videos? Are they allowed or not with a language alert?


George Carlin is a national treasure. Trump is not.


When you’re genuinely funny they let you.


One of my favorite george Carlin lines…“they call it the american dream cause you have to be asleep to believe in it”

It was passed on to the Mod staff some time back that if a longer video was put up with a couple of “banned words” in it was okay. Again context matters in how the word is used in the video.

I didn’t delete the video post (not sure which mod did), because I listed/watched for 45 seconds and didn’t hear anything bad.

If the video has closed captioning (aka words on the screen) and the F bomb or other banned words show up, it can be a filter bypass.

If it’s a clip of even the president saying ■■■■ with a couple words before or a couple words after, cut to the next time president says it, over and over and over again so it’s essentially a long string of the word ■■■■ – they expect a time out.

Good to see a more mature policy being adopted with links to videos.

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Appreciate the explanation. Thank you.