Soldiers of rich white libs

It seems Minorities an poor city folks are being used as soldiers for rich white elitist left-wing snobs that’s hole up in their gated communities with their own police force. They live in Hollywood with their maga mansions or in rich coastal areas while working for CNN and MSNBC.

Do they know they’re being used? Their lives being sacrificed so they can have their power? While you’re struggling to make ends meat they’re enjoy cavalier and riding around in their foreign made automobiles?

Yes…those that are rioting, looting and committing other acts of violence, you’re lib soldiers caring out their orders while your communities are being burn down.

Worst about all that…they aren’t even paying you. That’s right. You’re putting everything on line to keep them in power and you’re not even being paid.

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This seems like a good take on the internet.

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Come on, you can do better than that.

The richest don’t live in Hollywood, surrounded by security guards.

They live down the road from me, in nice-yet-tasteful houses, and employ no bodyguards.

Thanks Axx…you might have killed my thread. But nice post thou.


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You mean used , sorta like how the dirt poor conservative rednecks living in trailers and hovels that are convinced by the rich Rightwing leaders to vote for tax breaks for the rich and corporations, because they are the job creators? And it never does quite trickle down to them does it…yet they’ll buy into that crap over and over again …

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BTW…more on this

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Straight up Marxist trash

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It’s not just rich, white liberals that do that. The rich do that.

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Who? What?

Check your PD response times.

I highly suggest checking your posts for language in your links.

If it’s visible in the post, it is a filter bypass.

Please be careful.

Well, I can’t really argue with that.

There are a lot of cops around here. The response time is probably a lot shorter than average.

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Oh this is rich. A Black woman going after Black lives matter for being hypocrites. Oddly enough a privilege white girl is trying to tell her how to think. If she really cares about Black lives why isn’t she protesting in Chicago because Blacks are killing Blacks all the time.

It seems to be pretty clean video. This girl is a fighter, she gets it.

Now libs here will say it’s Breitbart and ignore what she has to say.


Cardi B completely disagrees with the premise of this thread. :sunglasses:

…is what I see upending the peaceful part of the gatherings.

CCP is gleeful at this turn of events.

Herd immunity bonus makes this have a positive turn.

Nobody is more American than an immigrant.