SOCIALIST PURGE: Venezuela Arrests 131 Business Owners for ‘ECONOMIC SABOTAGE’

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Venezuela’s socialist government arrested at least 131 business owners and executives this week; accusing the individuals of perpetrating “economic sabotage” against the country by refusing to cooperate with President Maduro’s “revolutionary reforms.”

According to the Telegraph, the arrests include “several managers of large chains” for “speculating and hoarding basic products that are subject to prices fixed by the government.”

Venezuela’s Attorney General Tarek Saab said those detained were attempting to “destabilize the economy.”

“Some merchants and businessmen made the decision to close, others are waiting to know the rules of the game that will govern us from now on,” said one lawmaker.

Venezuela’s economy has completely collapsed in recent months, with ultra-inflation approaching 1,000,000% as food and water supplies dwindle throughout the country.

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