SOCIALIST NIGHTMARE: Poll Shows 78% of Venezuelans Can’t ‘Feed Themselves’

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Stunning new data released this week showcases the devastating impact of Venezuela’s crumbling economy on average citizens; revealing approximately 30% of the nation’s residents are able to eat “just once a day” as food prices spiral out of control.

According to the Miami Herald, Venezuelans are struggling to find food and drinkable water across the country. If found, many are unable to afford the spiking prices or locate the nation’s new currency.

“At the root of the country’s malaise is hunger. Asked about their weekly eating habits, 30.5 percent said they often ate only once a day and 28.5 percent reported that they ate “nothing or close to nothing” at least one day a week. In all, 78.6 percent reported trouble keeping themselves fed,” writes the Herald.

The once-rich nation is facing a year-long financial free fall. Socialist President Nicolas Maduro vowed to crackdown on the escalating crisis last week; slashing five zeroes from Venezuela’s currency and drastically raising the minimum wage.

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