Socialist Gov. Murphy turns NJ citizens into tax slaves to benefit illegal entrants


Being forced to give the fruits of your labor to another without just compensation for an ongoing, indefinite time is slavery no matter how much you pretend to think otherwise.


It is the threat by the government to apply its authority under the law to punish you for not “volunteering” to give them a portion of your income that makes it involuntary servitude, i.e. slavery. You can put lipstick on a pig … but it’s still a pig.


That’s one definition of slavery. The fact the you can avoid paying taxes on your labor by not laboring is immaterial to the fact that being forced by law to give up the fruits of your labor is a form of slavery.


Immaterial to the discussion.


It’s your prerogative to believe that. The fact that you must give the government a portion of your labor or go to jail means you are in their servitude. You are enslaved to them.


How droll.

it’s legal for the government to collect taxes. It’s also legal for the government to punish you when you don’t. I

It’s not slavery. It’s part of a social contract we accept in society.

But I expect you to continue to argue the semantics of it from now until eternity. Have fun!


Yet there it is.

I think too many of you here seem to think slavery is only what we were taught in grade school about Africans being captured by their enemies and sold to pick cotton in America. Unfortunately, that was just the tip of the iceberg, and a good portion of the remainder still exists today all around the world.


Begging the question. I’m the normal one here, you’re not.


So you agree, we are slaves to our government. It may be legal and Constitutional, but it is a form of slavery nonetheless.


You are correct. It remains in the form of prison labor, labor camps, sexual trafficking, and debt peonage. Not income taxation!


Prior to 1860, the kind of slavery that you are talking about was legal too. The law does not matter to the definition, it only affects the resulting action. In other words, legalizing the usurping of our labor by the government does not change the definition. We are enslaved to them.


Very material.


No definition of the term “slavery” includes taxation.


What is normal? Are left handed people normal? How about blonds and green eyed people? How about green eyed, left handed blonds? What percent of the population do you guess they might be?

Being of the minority opinion does not make one abnormal. You really ought to know that.


Right, being outside the norm makes one abnormal.

The burden of proof is on you, not me.

Tolstoy was also calling the employer-employee relationship a form of slavery.


So you believe.

As has been said before, try not “voluntarily” handing over a percentage of your income to the master and see what they do to you … slave.


So you don’t think you should pay for govt serices.


There is no proof necessary. It is intuitively obvious that being normal is not the same as being in the majority.


Nope. I don’t think that.


… in Tolstoy’s day, it was.