SOCIALISM USA! Sen. Gillibrand Says Abolishing Private Health Plans an ‘URGENT GOAL’

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Potential 2020 Democratic candidate Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand doubled-down on her calls for the total elimination of private insurance companies across the United States over the weekend; saying it should be “an urgent goal” for all Democrats.

Gillibrand was speaking on the Lovett or Leave It podcast when she was asked to weigh-in on the Democrats’ recent widespread support for ‘Medicare for All.’

“One of the debates we’ve had recently is around what happens to private insurance. Should ending private insurance as we know it be a Democratic Party goal and do you think it’s an urgent goal?” asked the interviewer.

“Oh yeah. It is a goal and an urgent goal. Let me explain. I ran on Medicare for All in 2006 in my upstate New York Republican district. The reason I ran on that message is because I listened first,” said Gillibrand.