SOCIALISM USA! Sen. Gillibrand Says Abolishing Private Health Plans an ‘URGENT GOAL’ | Sean Hannity

Potential 2020 Democratic candidate Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand doubled-down on her calls for the total elimination of private insurance companies across the United States over the weekend; saying it should be “an urgent goal” for all Democrats.

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I’m all for it under one condition: ALL citizens (active duty military excluded) must be on the same plan. ALL citizens - especially those making these decisions. ALL government executives (president included) and their employees. ALL legislators (Congress) and their employees. ALL judges and their employees. Need surgery? Get in line with the rest of us! In a lot of pain? Welcome to the club. An administrator says you don’t need that MRI? You don’t get an MRI.

Military/VA hospitals will continue to serve active duty and discharged veterans only. No civilian’s - including Executives (Prez, VP, etc.), Legislators (Congress), Judicial.

Of course, our members of Congress (House and Senate) will have a special perk: make it illegal for them to seek medical treatment (even in an emergency) outside of US territories for the remainder of their privileged lives. Violation will cancel their government pension and result in an automatic prison term of 10 years with no parole at a maximum security federal facility. They get to die like the rest of the unwashed masses. The President will be exempt so long as all overseas medical services are conducted aboard Air Force One.

It’s time for the loudmouthed lefties to prove that they are not the elitists that they truly are.

Load all of the radical socialists on buses or cattle carriers and ship them off to Venezuela. Let them live there as the people do so they can see the peace, love, prosperity, beauty, and wealth that socialism provides. They can stay there until they have a change of attitude.

This INBRED proves you really can’t fix stupid.

The Senator has yet to volunteer to be the first to give up her platinum plated senatorial healthcare.

How about starting a 10 year trial period where ALL Government employees in elected positions in America are forced onto a MEDICARE ONLY program, for them and their families… like you said above. 10 years in maximum security if they cheat. If it is so great, start with Congress and Senate and Supreme court and all elected Judges. After 10 years they can report back as to how well it worked. I cannot see Pelosi, Schumer, Clintons, and so on going on medicare only. (NO supplemental personal pay care!!! That sends you to prison also.) NO personal pay for prescription meds. Medicare/Medicaide only.

If you remember, this was exactly the type of thing that Hilary Clinton tried to get passed when Bill was President. Remember Hilarycare? It was soundly defeated when people found out that you and your doctor could go to jail if you tried to pay cash for treatment and the government would set up panels to determine who could get life saving care and who would not. And this was just two of the things that upset people. Unfortunately, the Democrats have been trying to find a way to bring it back every since.