SOCIALISM USA! Dems Plot BIG Government Expansion in 2019, ‘Free’ Healthcare, College, Income

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The incoming Democratic House majority is preparing dozens of measures aimed at expanding the federal government in 2019; including a potential vote on ‘Medicare for All,’ free college tuition, a jobs guarantee bill, and more.

“Come January, proposals like ‘Medicare for all’ and a host of other generous-but-costly welfare programs that were little more than talking points in recent years could have a shot at passing a chamber of Congress,” writes Fox News.

“There are dozens of measures like this that have been languishing with Republicans at the helm for years, and I expect to see many of them finally come to the floor under Democratic leadership,” said one Democratic lawmaker.

“The American people picked Democrats in November because they were tired of watching Republicans ignore working families and pass laws lining the pockets of big corporations, millionaires and billionaires,” added the lawmaker.

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