Social Alternatives to Facebook

Eh. I keep up with tons of local businesses through Facebook and tons of nature groups, like women hiking groups, butterfly or reptile/amphibian ID groups, foraging groups. And I’ve curated dumb politics out. So it still works for me.


All good. If it offers something positive then it’s worthwhile.

There are a few sites I might miss, like InstantPot recipes and travel sites and others. But the overall majority of the time spent there has me looking at endless memes posted by old friends I never spent time with even before the pandemic isolated everyone.

Dumping facebook, dumped Twitter when I got death threats for teasing Obama about Truthwatch. See no need to join another one. Always only ever lurked on facebook anyway. Otherwise every friend and family member would expect me to say happy birthday and I don’t feel like doing that like almost every single day.

Brian don’t!!

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I’ve found a lot of services that didn’t ask for a phone# are attempting to do it retroactively. Both FB, when I was on, and Yahoo mail ask if you want to “add” a phone number for “security”.
I don’t know about Parler’s M policy. I will say that the dialogue seems very civil and entertaining, not a lot of people ranting and then adding a link to articles they think I need to read. That’s a plus.


I don’t do politics on FB, so it’s a breeze lol.

May be dumping my account even though there are a few interest groups I enjoy.

Am just not dying to hear about classmates’ invasive medical procedures, for one.

Really am not enjoying it as much as I once did, & may or may not give a goodbye like one mentioned in another post.

Haven’t used FB in years. Finally closed my account completely as I was still getting unwanted email notifications from them. Have never used Twitter and not currently looking at Parler either.

I keep hearing FB censors people, but I’ve never personally experienced that. I have had a few friends leave it, but they are into all that conspiracy nonsense that most folks just roll their eyes at.

Huh, it looks like Parler is back online. So is Gab.

Same here I closed mine a long time ago when people would text me “Why didn’t you respond to my post” combined with people who I had never had any contact or disliked in high school were sending friend requests.

I deleted my account never have regretted it.

I accept friend requests, especially if I know what interest groups I recognize the requester.

99% of the time, that’s not a problem. We maybe have a conversation, maybe just enjoy each others’ photos.

One name I recognized & accepted & he immediately became clingy, very persistent, like the why haven’t you responded to my post texts you got.

Can’t deal with pushy or clingy and am just not enjoying posting there any more. Probably will stay here as a long time poster & not look for other social media.

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Going to a park and striking up a conversation with a real person?

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I just don’t think I can do it anymore.

Granted, I fear in person social contacts. I take the right to remain silent very seriously and don’t think I stand a snowball’s chance in Hell with anyone in person.

But I don’t think forming loose FB connections are the way to go, either. I just feel very uncomfortable on that platform and no longer wish to be there.

I like this better.