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Lately I have had several people, including family members (and in that 18-35 demographic) tell me that they’re dumping Facebook. They don’t like the “new and improved” page format, are put off by both the censorship and the flood of links to political articles which seems to be all that their “friends” are putting up anymore. And on a talk radio program, they were discussing FB and a caller said “it’s just got old” and that his kids have all dumped it.
I’ve also been seriously considering dumping FB - I have a couple local and professional groups that use their page as the main source of communication, so I’ll have to give them an alternative contact. I’m looking around for an alternative and people have mentioned 3: Minds, MeWe and Mastodon. Anyone used these or have another recommendation?

MeWe is decent.

Parler is another option.

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I haven’t personally used FB in years.

One of the massive success of social media has been the relatively few platforms.

With alternatives to FB, Twitter beginning to multiply this will dilute their effectiveness. Until that is someone builds an app thatlets you connect all these different platforms.

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I should start a Facebook account, so I can dump it too. :sunglasses:


Having been censored a few times on FB, I’ve thought of dumping them.

But I’m still on with an author I like, as well as my favorite gymnast, so I grin & bear it—although I generally am not there as much outside the weekend.

Hope you find an alternative platform for a meeting of the minds.

Same here I quit 8 years ago or longer because all these people who I didn’t know or like in High School started sending friend requests and my sister was always upset when I didn’t reply within and hour of her posting something.

Plus after being in IT for 15 years made me wary of putting all that personal info up and then having my aunt slapping picture after picture of me running naked at her house at age 2-3 just seem to wreak - no good. She had a pool but some of the responses to the pics were troubling.

I wrote a nice message to everyone on my page basically saying ■■■■ this ■■■■ and moved on haven’t missed it for not even for one second.


I got some “People You May Know” that I didn’t want to be reminded of that acquaintance. One I suspect in a campaign of stalking to get me canned (everything from watching my every move to outright false accusations).

Took my place of business down & don’t list one now. It’s just a few friends & a suspense author, as well as my favorite gymnast, who keep me going.

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Our school is hosting an in house TED talk and discussion in five hours. The theme is “How would our lives change if social media was no longer available?”

So -
How would you define social media?

And how do people here imagine our lives be better or worse without social media?"

I imagine people would spend more time in face to face communication and become more tolerant and civil, because we would not have an on-line community of cheerleaders for our rude and dismissive repartee. We would be more careful about burning bridges between ourselves and the people we talk to, if they were our only instant feedback source.

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I don’t see the positive in social media myself especially putting in your real name out there, unless if you are retired.

My current company I work for for the last two years doesn’t look at social media as a background but I had worked for a Fortune 100 company and they did I wasn’t really sure what they were looking for and I didn’t have one but HR sent me and email asking me about it, I told them I don’t have one and that was it.

I tell people they should be careful what they put on those sites if they feel like they will be changing jobs, especially if they are planning on working for a big company that thoroughly vets your background. I couldn’t imagine not getting a position because of a Facebook post buts it’s not unheard of.


Fortunately if I don’t represent myself as an employee of Company X, nobody cares what I say. I don’t post my or any family pictures.

However, were I to need a second or new job altogether, I’d say I didn’t have any social media accounts.

Yeah, it was fun at first reconnecting with people I hadn’t seen in years, but eventually you run out of people you want to connect with and then the novelty wears off. I also have other and more important things to do than go on FB.

Does everyone know about the bird?

They are no different than any other liberal site, cheating through censorship. If you use it only for the social stuff, not politics as I do. You will be fine. The worst part is the lying. Zuckerberg claiming he doesn’t censor conservative when ONLY conservatives are censored is a crock. The man should be embarrassed at the depth of his lies. He’s fooling nobody.

I’ve been thinking about dumping FB before the year is out. Seems a good time.

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Don’t use it much as it is but I am going to close my account too.

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This week, I dumped FB, so did DH and DD; that is, we deleted the accounts (won’t be final for a few weeks, according to FB); two other family members deactivated accounts.
Signed up for Parler, but in terms of “ease of use” I would give it a C at this point. The sign-in is very complicated; I understand they want to enhance security, avoid bots, but every time I sign in, I have to put in username, password (8 units, including some upper case and a symbol), a Captcha and then I had to give a phone # so after the Captcha they can text or phone me the security code. That’s how you log on. Sheesh.
I find navigation takes a lot more time to understand than either twitter or FB. Looks interesting, but it will take time for me to be fully operational. And I can’t use my name or most variants of my name because it’s rather common and already taken. Sheesh again.
I read somewhere online that there are a lot of people who plan to opt out of FB tomorrow - Friday the 13th - en masse.

Yeah, I’m not giving away my phone number in order to sign up for a social media platform. Apparently you also need to give Parler a picture of your driver license and a selfie if you want to be able to DM people on the service. That’s way too intrusive for me. Especially when I see articles about Parler kicking people off their platform for something they said.

What’s the bird?

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Don’t you know that the bird is the word?