So why haven't the arbiters of racism denounced Darwin?


Mass (something actually physical) exists only in one particle, the “Higgs Boson”.

It was theoretical (Higgs field), it gave the other particles mass as they traveled through the field. Gave them the appearance of having “inertia”.

If the claim to have measured the mass of the Higgs Bosom (Hadron Collider) is wrong (recall how often things are discovered to have been wrong), then mass has not yet been found.

Then the Higgs is, like all other particles, forms of energy not mass.


Mass exists regardless of the existence of the Higgs…the only question would then be where does the mass come from.

Mass can, and has been, proven without understanding the Higgs particle. Just stop.


Ok now i am sure you are trolling. Its been fun




Man, you are bad at this.

We can observe mass even if we can’t explain it. Case in point…a scale works. A scale is a representation of how gravity interacts with the mass of an object. It works because even if it turns out that the LHC was wrong and they didn’t find the Higgs, mass is a real thing. We know it comes from somewhere, regardless of out ability to explain that origin.


Keep posting videos you obviously don’t understand…its amusing.

You remind me of the guy in jail that Damon Wayans used to play on In Living Color who spent all his time reading, but didn’t understand a word of what he was reading and used basically every word he spoke incorrectly.

But please, continue.



The discovery of the Higgs Boson in 2012 validated generations’ worth of physicists theoretical work.

Without Higgs Boson, scientists claim, mass would fundamentally not exist


Fundamentally doesnt mean not at all.

Look, there are a LOT of things that we have done as a species that rely on the idea of provable mass. Landing a man on the moon, which was done repeatedly, wouldn’t have been possible without the understanding of provable mass. I mean for the love of Pete…you would’t be able to fire a gun without a functional understanding of mass and how it works.

There is world of difference between mass not existing and not understanding what creates it.


No, in a matrix generated by infinite God it follows we would believe mass exists, and all things we observe seem to obey consistent rules.

Everything was fine until Quantum Mechanics. The micro world doesn’t follow the rules. Things appear and vanish, go forward and backward in time, appear simultaneously (not just in two places) but everywhere. The micro realm doesn’t follow the rules we can observe in the macro realm.

It all fits we live in something LIKE a matrix. What precisely it is, I don’t know. But in some particulars, its just like a matrix.

People in the matrix don’t realize its a matrix, unless they go micro.


Ps: This is consistent with Biblical revelation of Omnipresent Infinite God, who is near, and in Him we live, yet He can’t be touched.

Just as a character in a dream can’t touch the physical organ of the brain.




Cognitive Dissonance is understandable, its upsetting at first. The idea this is LIKE “a simulation” is against what we can “touch and see”.

But recall, you aren’t actually touching and seeing, you are interpreting electric impulses, an interpretation of what was seen and touched.

PS: This is why the “age of the universe” measured by observed light, reveals only the assumption light travels at a consistent speed.

Consider infinite mind, it “dreams” a universe that is 13+ billion light years large, in day (Gen. 1:1). It then says “Let there be light” and light appears. It didn’t take 13+billion years, it happened in a day.

Therefore, the observed speed of light has no relevance to the actual age of the universe God imagined.


Okay Morpheus…

You are conflating two different things.

Mass exists. Its provable. Scales work for a reason, and the orbits of the planets work because of gravity, which exists due to the mass of objects.

The understanding of what creates that mass is something completely different.

Its like trying to explain to a 3 year old how electricity works…they may not understand the underlying dynamics, but thier lack of understanding that doesn’t then mean electricity ceases to be a real thing.


I won’t trouble you with this further, its clear you cannot accept Quantum Physics.

That’s ok.

PS: As the micro realm does not follow the rules we see in the macro realm, evolution is absurd.




What does this have to do with evolution?

Mass is provable, even if we don’t understand where it comes from. Quantum Physics doesn’t change that at all.


That’s just not true. The Dead Sea Scrolls, while remarkably accurate are not 100% accurate word for word, showing there have been changes.


They have, but since it doesn’t fit your beliefs you ignore it.