So why exactly did Hunter Biden take 23 military flights out of Andrews?

He’s not in the military. He’s not working for the feds. So what gives? Does anyone know? Does anyone want to know? Should somebody ask? Should their be an investigation? Should we just forgadda bout it? What do you think?

‘Breaking the News’ Reveals: Secret Service Records Show Hunter Biden Took at Least 23 flights Through Joint Base Andrews, Home of Air Force One and Two (

buy the book that’s being advertised in “article” and find out.

These trips, which shed light on Hunter’s involvement with his father, are revealed in Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption , my new book exploring the corruption that drove the establish media to cover up the Hunter Biden scandal.

I don’t want the book. The book costs money. I want Biden to explain why Hunter took 23 military flights out of Andrews.

Is that too much to ask?
Do you want to know too?

This newfound concern for Presidents and their family having foreign business entanglements is cute.


Shame the author won’t tell us the shocking details without charging for it.

Must be super solid.


You linked an Amazon ad? Is that even allowed?

The question ain’t difficult at all. Yet you dodge. Should we ask Biden why Hunter took 23 military flights?

Would you like to know the answer? Do you mind if I do?

No I did not. The ad was part of the article. Are you going to try to have my thread pulled?

BTW all news articles have ads.

Yet another dodge.

I want Biden to explain why Hunter took 23 military flights out of Andrews.

Is that too much to ask?
Do you want to know too?

Just reply. Don’t over think it.

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We should.

But unlike some here I have been concerned with Presidents and their families having foreign business entanglements.

Others… including editors from ■■■■■■■ Breitbart do not get to do that.

That is why I find this new found deep deep concern to be cute.

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I wanted Trump to explain why he has a secret bank account at a Chinese bank that saw unusually high activity after he got elected.

But people didn’t care… so we never found out.

Presidents get to this now.

It isn’t what I advocated for like some people did… but here we are.

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The first step would be for some reporter to ask Jen. Since they keep Joe locked down and inaccessible. C’mon Peter, It’s all up to you!

Hunter was building his energy sector resume so he could help the big guy close US pipelines and open Russian ones.

23 flights over 8 years sounds about right.

Sure. If there was something criminal about then yes.

I tend not to trust anything brietbart claims, especially if you need to buy a book advertised in the article written by the books author. That’s not good faith journalism.

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I like how the rest of my quote was cut off.

It is like this newfound concern of foreign business entanglements is done solely out of partisan politics


You will find this book meticulously cited and supported.

I already have a copy.

Then you’re in the wrong topic. There’s already many, many Trump threads. This is not one of them. Can I have your permission to talk about Biden for a while?

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You quote is accessible I only copy the part I am responding to. There is nothing wrong with that.

Oh I can.

Others… I don’t think that their newfound concern for Presidents and the their families having foreign business entanglements is because of some great epiphany that has been had.

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You are right. There isn’t.

This deep deeep concern though.

That is crazy.