So who really owns Biden and now Harris?

Silicon valley was major driving force behind getting Harris the VP IMO. According to some Harris was one of major candidates that they supported…other one was Buttigieg.

Now also keep in mind China/PLA is heavily invested in Silicon valley with tens if not hundreds of billion of dollars…not to mention that Silicon valley has invested heavily into China market providing they placate PLA demands.

So it will be interesting, and we should look if Biden or Harris criticize China on human rights record. If not they’re clearly in China/PLA pockets.


Harris was very vocal about China in the Primaries.

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Will see. I bet there won’t be a single criticism of China coming from their campaign.




She sold herself out to Biden. Why not to China?


Can you not be so parenthetical?

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It Ain’t Putin. He already has his flunky.

He has a whole party of them. Some even celebrated 4th of July there.
It’s not China for Harris. Anyone who watched the primaries knows that.

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Could you imagine the outrage here if Democrats celebrated 4th of July in a country we (Democrats) consider an enemy?

But since “patriotic” Republicans did, nary a peep.

Quite telling.

Both Biden and Harris have been quite vocal about China.
Perhaps they will bring this up:

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LOL John Bolton.

As Biden and Harris…they will be kissing China ass. They need Silicon valley money and tech support.

There is an “internet site” you can visit. It’s He criticizes China on it. Cool! Here’s a couple of places I found real quick.

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Strategic interests, situational ethics: welcome to superpower politics. It can be ugly.

Maybe you can show clips of Biden being critical of China…other then plagiarizing Trump.


I ain’t got time to chase your goalposts all over the dang field bro.

Right…lets face it, Biden and Harris are on China payroll.

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The CCP.

The United States will also work to ensure that all countries play by the international rules. We’ve brought cases that have challenged unfair trade practices, and we’ve defended U.S. producers and workers in many arenas. And in last months, State of the Union address, President Obama announced further steps to investigate and challenge unfair trading practices, protect our markets from counterfeit and unsafe goods and level the financial playing field for our companies.

Xi was literally in the room. You are welcome

The plagiarizing part is especially funny considering that Biden was tapped by Obama to work on the WH China policy in 2012.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Vice President Joe Biden and a group of human rights advocates discussed the “deterioration” of the rights situation in China, the White House said on Thursday, signaling the issue is likely to figure in his talks with China’s vice president next week.

Biden, who will help host Vice President Xi Jinping — China’s president-in-waiting — in Washington, met four rights activists and experts on Wednesday.

“They discussed the deterioration of China’s human rights situation, prospects for reform, and recommendations for U.S. policy,” the White House said. “He reiterated his view that greater openness and protection of universal rights is the best way to promote innovation, prosperity, and stability in all countries, including China.”

Beijing has traditionally bristled at such U.S. criticism as interference in its affairs, even though the Obama administration has taken a relatively low-key approach so far.

You are most welcome. Again

Yes…and what happen? Nothing. China continued stealing out tech, jobs, human right violation, intimidating it’s neighbors to name few things.

Come on man…lets get serious. Biden plagiarized Trump almost word by word.