So these Ohio polls

Interesting story, something we’ve observed for a while though. Biden has the appeal to the middle other candidates just do not. Obviously, average Midwest voters could also care less whatever his issues with busing were nearly half of a century ago.

Ohio: Trump vs. Biden Quinnipiac Biden 50, Trump 42 Biden +8
Ohio: Trump vs. Warren Quinnipiac Trump 46, Warren 45 Trump +1
Ohio: Trump vs. Sanders Quinnipiac Trump 46, Sanders 45 Trump +1
Ohio: Trump vs. Harris Quinnipiac Trump 44, Harris 44 Tie
Ohio: Trump vs. Buttigieg Quinnipiac Trump 44, Buttigieg 44 Tie
Ohio: Trump vs. Booker Quinnipiac Trump 44, Booker 43 Trump +1

Biden has the name recognition this early in the race. I dont think he can beat Trump though. After 2016, not sure how much the dems should get excited for poll results

Yes way too early for polls.

24 candidates and Biden is really the only one anyone knows.

What’s more significant (but still too early to jump up and down) is all the candidates you listed there are competitive with Trump.

Wasn’t Jeb leading this time last election cycle?? Regardless it wasn’t Trump. And it wasn’t Obama in 2007. And wasn’t Kerry in 2003. Way too early with the Dem field wide open.

It’s early but it also isn’t early.

I don’t look at these polls as in “Biden can beat Trump and others cannot”, I look at them to simply gauge crossover appeal by candidates at this stage of the race.

Obviously, it all could change.

Yeah, we were looking at Hillary vs. Giuliani at this stage of 2008 election. Everyone thought it would happen.

And evangelicals were so frightened by prospects of a Hillary presidency that one of their top dogs actually endorsed the pro-choice Giuliani.

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Biden has the connection because of name appeal, the fact people can relate with him due to the hardships he has faced in life, and him being a generally decent human being. I still would prefer a younger voice to channel the energy of the next generation, but the party could do a lot worse than Biden.

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Agism :stuck_out_tongue:

Edwards would have made a fantastic VP.

If he had an R next to his name, probably would’ve been Speaker of the House and a frequent Fox News contributor.

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Im still salty about him campaigning for the Republican in West Michigan and his attitude towards millennials earlier this year. I’m a loyalty kind of guy (if you demand loyalty but are not loyal yourself) and not big into voting for condescending people.

There’s a lot of political rhetoric being yelled out by candidates…including Trump and IMO…it’s scaring a huge number of voters. Biden has been around for ever and doesn’t push peoples’ emotional buttons. He’s more relaxed and more like the days of old that they grew up in and that’s Biden’s draw.

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I am a bit surprised Biden is doing that well in Ohio, says quite a bit.

Trump is freaking out. Anyone see his tweets today bashing Fox News because their poll has Biden over him 49-39? He’s being very presidential today.

Proud Warriors ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :rainbow:

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My #1 & #2 choices are tied.

This man needs some serious mental health interventions. He’s a disgrace to our fine country.