So, obviously, we have no-one to protect us

Have you watched The News lately, or maybe for the last two years? We are in trouble my friends, and it appears there is no way out. Those who work for The United States Government are involved in a Coup and we have no-one who will stop it. Our Rights are being trampled on more than the dirt separating our country and The Country of Mexico. Our President is and has been under assault since day one and you and I can do nothing to stop it. They have us all exactly where they want us. Most are afraid to take back our country, most are afraid to lose everything that they have worked for, most are afraid to stand up and speak the truth. I’m not afraid, you might not be afraid but if we gather together to help end the madness. They will try and destroy us all. There is no-one to stop them. If they can openly try and destroy the sitting U.S. President. They can kill us in the streets and not one single thing would be done about it. Wake up America. The next two years will either destroy our country or Make America Great Again. The question is; who is going to protect us from our own government?

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Whereas I agree with the sentiment that the attacks on this President by the media and by some holdovers in government agencies is unprecedented, I can’t say I am outraged.
People had the option to vote in 2018. Fox and Breitbart and the internet in general provides alternate media sources.
If more people had gotten out and voted what I would consider the right way, we wouldn’t be having all these fits because someone wants to increase border security with a wall. Ultimately, its on the voters.
If it doesn’t matter to them, it doesnt.

First, we’re going to make sure you have access to quality, affordable healthcare.

We’ll work up to, uh, killing you in the streets later!

Yay for gun grabbing! At least that’s what all the early contenders for president on the left seem to like.

By quality you mean hysterectomies for men and by affordable you mean premiums no one can afford, but hey thanks for that!

What are you going to do about it, other than posting on a message board that has, at best, 50 members?

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Owe, there is one thing you’re wrong at.

There’s plenty I can do about it!

For years I thought that sooner or later, that the far left wing Democrat Socialist
would try taking over America. The problem is, who are they going to stick against
Americans fighting back? The military? Do democrat Politicians honestly believe
that they’re going to be able to put brother against brother? Personally, I doubt it.

If the Democratic Politicians ever try going that far, it’s not us that will be needing the protection. It’s them. Are Husbands expected to kill their wives, and Sisters kill their brothers, and so on and so fourth? The American People that listen to the Democratic Politicians are only willing to take so much, and only willing to go so far. The thing is, that I don’t think that the Democrat Politicians think that, and that will be their downfall.

I think you hit on another problem, VOTING. When the majority of States refuse to investigate Voter Fraud or passing Voter I.D. Laws, we have a Voter Problem. When a County in Southern Florida can continue to break the law after admitting to breaking the law in previous elections, we have a Voter Problem. As far as what CNN, MSNBC, and others show daily to their viewers, I agree. People don’t have to watch. I don’t know if you remember but years ago every once in a while you would see a reporter facing jail time if they did not give up their source? Knowingly televising or printing false information is a crime. I guess they just don’t care any longer as long as We The People obey, everything’s cool. Thanks for the reply.

What a bunch of manic, generalized, nonsensical dot connecting built around delusions of grandeur.

“They” “Those” “Them”

You talking about my neighbor John? Bob up the street is coming to get me? Paul too?

If I ever wrote anything like the OP I would hope it raises red flags with my friends and family as it would signal that there is a severe imbalance occurring.

less than 100 years ago leftists tyrant took away peoples guns and killed them by the millions,

I guess gun grabbers are looking to repeat history, since they can’t learn from it…

Hmmm, your comment was reference to what?