So Obama met with Castro, Trump with Kim Jung-Un

Honestly, both did a good thing by approaching our enemies and trying to reset relationships. However, why was Obama criticized by many on the right for doing what Trump just did- something they are cheering?

As far as I can tell, Cuba didn’t have nukes and threatened to use them against the US.

Because Obama was a damned Kenyan Marxist Atheist MOOSELIM hellbent on destroying America and all she stands for.

Donald is just an honest ‘Murica-lovin’ patriot with a lot of money who tells it like it is and counterpunches and lol cry moar libs HAR HAR I LUVS ME DAT TRUMP

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Probably because Obama didn’t taunt Raul with funny names on Twitter and threaten to blow up Cuba before he set up the meeting.

Why was Obama criticized and Trump praised? That’s a good question, I suspect it’s the same reasoning behind why some praised Obama but now criticize Trump…because that’s what ■■■■■■■ partisan zealots do.


Very true.

So, how was Trump’s performance with Kim different from Obama’s performance with Castro?

Obama was a little too chummy with Castro, but he never went to the level of schmoozing Trump did with Kim last night.

Everything Trump does is fake.

Close. I’d say most of the things he does is a con job.

Then the question is, who is he conning?

If Trump holds to that any Agreement / Treaty will have to go thru Congress then I am OK with Trump talking with NK.
Unlike Obama’s Iran Deal which didn’t go thru the Congress.

Yes the same people complaining about Iran, and Cuba are now clapping about Trump and NK and vice versa it is all stupid Partisan crap.
My view is this is a possible good step with NK if it ends in something that all sides can agree on.

Did Obama go through Congress on the Iran deal?

His base.

10 char.

Has Trump enforced the sanctions on Russia Congress told him too?

Trying to con everybody, succeeding in only conning some.

One can see who he is successfully conning by just looking at those who are singing his praises.

No. Is congress in charge of foreign policy?

The difference? Nuclear weapons.
Something to gain in one case, nothing to gain, for us, in the other.

So, we can’t trust Iranians, but we can trust Rocket Man?

We can trust neither. In the end, we need methods of verification in any treaty Congress passes.