So now McCarthy lies about easily checkable facts

“When you look at the vote yesterday for Speaker, you realize why Nancy has not been serious on any offer,” McCarthy added. "That was a very close vote for speaker. She had to have all the members that voted against her, then a number of members who had to abstain, to lower the threshold so she could become Speaker.

A total lie by the minority leader of the house.

Nancy got 220 votes for speaker, which is a clear majority.

Guess McCarthy is not above lying about easily checkable our beloved president.

Lying comes easy to them.


He is just bummed that he thought he had a chance at the position…

Things that make you go hmmmmmm

235 members of the house who are in the democratic party

220 votes for Pelosi as speaker of the house

218 votes is the majority of 435

5 members of the house didn’t vote.

They are all just horrible, horrible human beings. Lying liars who are beyond deplorable.

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So… are you saying he lied, or is he just bad at math?

Were the republicans expected to vote for her?

barely was elected

1 seat vacant

434/2 =217/217 so she would need 218 voted to be elected. She barely made it with 3 votes to spare.

4 members did NOT vote. What would have happened had those 4 members voted no?

She SHOULD have won with 235 votes of democrates. She squeaked by and the OP knews that.

She still would have had 220 votes in her favor. Lol

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Still would have squeeked by with less of a margin between the no and yea.

What is your definition of a very cloe vote? Is it less than 3 votes putting you over the top?

Who got the next highest amount of votes, and how many did they receive? Answer that, and we can see whether it was close or not.

Well for one thing it wasn’t even a yes/no vote.

She won by 28 votes.


Why is this a thing? What are you people upset about?

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Sounds to me like this was nothing at all resembling a “close vote for Speaker” as alleged by Mr. McCarthy, and apparently agreed with by some here. Thank you for shedding light on this.

To be elected speaker a candidate must receive an absolute majority of the votes cast.

434 votes were case.

434/2= 216.5 So she would still need 217 votes to be elected. 216 votes for her she doesn’t get to be speaker and they have to do another vote.

Here is the tally of the vote:

Here was the final tally of votes for the speakership: Ms. Pelosi — 220; Representative Kevin McCarthy, Republican of California — 192; Representative Jim Jordan, Republican of Ohio — 5, Representative Cheri Bustos, Democrat of Illinois — 4; Senator Tammy Duckworth, Democrat of Illinois — 2; Stacey Abrams of Georgia — 1; former Vice President Joe Biden — 1; Representative Marcia Fudge, Democrat of Ohio — 1; Representative Joseph P. Kennedy III, Democrat of Massachusetts — 1; Representative John Lewis, Democrat of Georgia — 1; Representative Thomas Massie, Republican of Kentucky — 1; Representative Stephanie Murphy, Democrat of Florida — 1; Present — 3.

So she BARELY won the elction. she needed 217 votes, she got 220. A 4 vote margin out of 434 votes

ask the op. Taking issue with someone saying it was a close election. It was close 4 votes is all she won by.

It’s not a simple majority. Speaker of the house MUST have a majority of all voting. That mean with 434 members voting she MUST have 218 votes to become speaker. she had 220. She squeaked by on the first vote with 4 votes to spare. Had she got 217 votes, then there would have been a new vote.

So you need to have BOTH a simple majority of votes cast and have the MOST votes cast. She received a whopping 28 votes more than the next closest candidate seeking the gavel. That is nowhere near being a “close vote for Speaker.” That is a veritable lapping of the field. Now, if it were 220-214 you may have had a better leg to stand on. But as it is, you do not.

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Again, She had to have 218 votes to be elected. 217 and no one would have won. The next closest could have had 100 votes and she still would not have won IF she had only gotten 217 votes. So it was a very close election as she had 4 votes that let her win and a 3 vote margin for comfort. What do you call close? something less than a 3 vote margin?

Irrelevant. She passed the first necessary threshold, which was a majority of votes cast. Check.

Then, there was a tally of who received how many votes each. She had 28 more votes for Speaker than the next closest person running. That is an ass whooping. Not a close vote for Speaker.

Focusing singularly on one of the two necessary requirements, while ignoring the other does not make your point any stronger.