So Much Winning

Man, the Tea Party people are going to riot over this.

Sure, you can ask…


As I said, @Apocalypto has nothing to worry about. You need to tell him how great things are. My own salary increased greatly after 2009. But that was because of my own accomplishments.

Now that the GOP got rid of the pay go rule to force through an ill prepared tax cut for corporations… the flood gates are now open.

It’s like they thought they would be in power forever or something.

This is all part of Trump’s eleventh dimensiony chess game. He’s going to eliminate the national debt in 8 years by running up huge deficits each of those 8 years.

Apparently, he is using common core math…

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Yeah, I am looking all over for a tea party rally… none to be found, what gives?

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all of the hover rounds are doing yearly maintenance

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