So Much Winning

Trying to get back to a simpler time with simpler subject where the line between what is right and what is wrong or who was right and who was wrong was debated more philosophically.

i found these paragraph very interesting

For the first two months of this budget year, the deficit totals $305.4 billion, up 51.4 percent from the same period last year. The Trump administration is projecting that this year’s deficit will top $1 trillion, reflecting increased government spending and the loss of revenue from a big tax cut.

The new report showed that the higher tariffs from President Donald Trump’s get-tough trade policies are showing up in the budget totals. Customs duties totaled $6 billion in November, up 99 percent from November 2017.

are we still going on the right track? is America’s Debt Great Again?

So the deficit is up 51% from this time last year.

How did that happen under Republican Congress and Donnie?

Under Obama, deficits we’re decreasing, not exploding.

Thank you fat donald, for letting my grandkids inherit this massive debt.

well democrats will be blamed starting with 12:01 January first

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Repeat after me: Republicans do. not. care. about the debt, deficit, spending, anything to do with money. Period.

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It will be great now that Dems control the house. That’s where the budget originates. We can count on them to bring spending down.

LoL :joy:

But you did so well under Obama that you saved up the money they will need to pay their tax. They will be so thankful to you and Barack.

Deflect shields at 1000%!

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Obama is not the president bro, get over it.

Remember the Democrats tying themselves in knots trying to get the ACA to be “deficit neutral”? LOL. That’s the GOP’s home turf. A lotta good it did to appease them. ■■■■ that from now on. The bad faith of these Republic cretins–and their lack of principle–is bottomless.


“We can’t hold up much longer, Cap’n. At this rate, we’ll explode by Hanukkah.”

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More than Democrats miss Obama now. Some of these Trump supporters suffer from directionless fury. They’d vote for Obama again just to scream and not look crazy.

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Obama brought us back from the brink of economic collapse. You can’t keep electing these guys that don’t believe deficits matter and expect the adults to keep coming in to clean up the mess that you helped to create.

But when he was, his wonderful presidency was so good that you were able to save up all the money your offspring will need to pay their taxes.

Republicans love deficits.

Cut taxes, raise spending, run the economy into the ditch; and then complain about the deficit for the entire time that a Democrat occupies the White House.

May I ask what your experience is with adults, KingArthur65?

Bookended as he was by Bush and Trump, Obama might just rank higher than he would’ve on presidential lists.

Obama will be considered as better than he really was in large part due to angry conservatives.

Pretty much. GOP pretends to be fiscal conservatives, runs up the deficit by giving money to the rich who least need it, then the Dems have to fix the mess the GOP leaves behind, and then get blamed by the GOP.

The GOP is corrupt to the core and beset by failed policies.

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earlier in the week

Uhh, yeah. When Obama came into to office, we were losing 700,000+ jobs per month. I woke up a little nervous each day, worried that my company would get hit by the recession and have to lay off a large part of our staff–like many of our clients did.

We survived.

The economy started on the longest streak of continuous jobs growth in recorded history. We went from double digit unemployment rates down to an economy at full employment.

I personally went from being worried about losing my job, to having enough saved up to buy a rental home in addition to the one that I am living in. (And I am considering a second rental property.) I saved up a crap ton of money. Didn’t you?!

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