So how the mask and vaccine mandates going?

Rodeo can be my speech writer…God knows I could/need one.


Vaxxes are about controlling citizens, not their replacements.



It’s time to recognize that the Biden litany of failure combined with the reality that the country is just exhausted has left the American people, imho…

Ready to be left alone.

Just go away Biden, we can handle the omicold just fine without you.

Government does mandates controls divides and spends too much already…

Go play with the dog in Delaware and leave us alone.


The benefit of indoctrination continues. Students want to stay home staring at a screen eating pancakes while their teachers collect pay and benefits lounging in pajamas doing the same.
The uneducation of Americas youth, LOL
We’re toast.


This is what I was talking about in another thread…

How much of this is the panic porn of the left.

They’ve got people scared of their own shadows.

Oh by the way, how much did we spent on safety protocols in schools again?

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Now you’ve done it, you used the “R” word.


Since the end of the holidays, three kids have come down with Covid in my daughter’s fifth grade class. All three were fully vaccinated and wore masks at school.

Because regular masks are useless in an indoor setting if someone has Covid. If you go to the Covid floor of a hospital, you can’t even use your mask. They give you an N95 mask, a shield, a large orange coat, and gloves. There would be no reason for that if a modified dish rag can do the trick.

We were told that if you took shots and wore cloth masks you would not get Covid. Now it appears these are either useless or at best a delaying technique.
It may be time to drop these except for the most vulnerable. You can’t keep kids in near hazmat suits.


Yet this practice continues to be mandated in certain areas. Does the vaccine I got back in March going to make me that much less likely to pass Covid on to you? Yet they persist, and like cockroaches these mandates are hard to stomp out.