So...Does the Democratic Party Hate White people? (CRT)

Seems to be the case! I guess white people are the target of the Democratic Party now? Sure looks that way!

Since they are demanding CRT to be taught in schools, all white people are bad. They must be punished, humiliated, & harmed in many ways…

Weird. Fighting racism & fascism with racism & fascism…


Show me one school district that approves of teaching CRT? This has become the new battle cry of Conservatives. And it has no basis in fact. Please just stop this nonsense argument now.


The NEA just endorsed CRT on a national level, obliterating that DNC talking point.


I find most of the people pushing stuff like CRT are middle class white people. I am sure they mean well although personally I don’t think they are going about things the right way. Case in point the renaming of certain team franchise like the Washington Redskins. I saw many polls on the subject and the vast majority of native Americans polled either didn’t care or actually favored redskins. When you dig down further you find the majority against it are white people, I guess on the pretext of guilt although I don’t share it.

I saw two polls on the Washington Redskins from WaPo before the name change the first was 9 out of 10 Native Americans weren’t offended. The other they asked 500 native Americans what one word they felt when they saw they name “Redskins” the vast majority said “Proud”.

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The NEA is not school districts which make the final decision. And I will bet you dollars to dog nuts that there will be enough discussion at that level to end any thought of it at the district level.

If that were the case, then school boards wouldn’t be being recalled at the current rate they are.


Being PC is a fast moving target. And both sides are guilty of moving the goal posts really far and really fast.

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CRT the new boogeyman of the right…the propaganda tour is in full swing!

I wonder how many posters actually have kids…I’ll make this easy grandkids that are coming back talking about CRT or even race?

My kids 11 and 7 sure aren’t and they go to public school in South Cali


With my tongue FIRMLY implanted in my cheek…?

Yes Ceasar…

ALL dems HATE white people!

Can ya sleep now?

My LORD, sweet baby JESUS!

The ■■■■ is WRONG with y’all?


You ain’t seen nothin’ yet…

These are the people you support. Deal with it.


Dems don’t hate white people…if Trumpers have been reduced to this then it’s game over I’m afraid the mental illness is terminal


No one on the left had a march where folks chanted “Jews will NOT replace us”!

NO one on the left drove a ■■■■■■■ CAR into a crowd and KILLED someone!

NO on on the LEFT stormed the capitol!

The “left” aint perfect but…

Yeah… I’ll “deal” with them ANY day of the week over this new, conservative “right” crazy assed ■■■■■

And I was raised by and WAS a republican for many of my 61 years.

But in my humble opinion…some of y’all have just lost your ■■■■■■■ minds.


The national teachers union just announced on national TV they support CRT & will fight for any teacher’s who want to teach it.

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The latest lie of the democrats. Deny, deny. Pfffffffffffft!

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Self hating white people of the left.

Naw, all the left did for the last year and a half was riot, burn down the towns, loot, rape, & kill in several democrat run towns who’s local democrat governments refused to stop it. Amiright?


CRT has been a curriculum choice in colleges for DECADES.

Ain’t no one trying to bring it to grammar or middle school!
Untwist your panties, have a margarita and CHILL.

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The democrats are the ones who lost their minds pushing socialism, violence, & CRT.


They are doing it in elementary school up through university.