So CENTCOM didn't know we were pulling out of Syria?

Does anyone not find this incredibly disturbing? Votel(commander of Central Command) wasn’t consulted before Trump randomly deciding and announced we were pulling out of Syria. Anyone care to justify this?

Fat donald knows more than the generals. You didn’t know this?


He knows more about everything than anybody.

He’s a particular expert on drones, too. He even said so.

Dems for never ending war… Amazing!

How was that construed from the OP? The OP is simply about Trump not discussing with “the generals” his military plans.

So now we don’t care about expert opinions? Make up your mind?

I’m sure Trump will give him his orders when he’s ready.

What make you think Trump is not talking to experts? They are all over DC.

But he had the best generals, remember? And was supposed to be taking advice from them.

He seems to be mostly taking advice from Fox and talk radio, though, and not the generals. For some reason, the generals keep quitting. Weird.

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You think DJT knows more than the military when it comes to Military matters?

Because he doesn’t. He has said so many times. He always says that he knows more then anybody.
“I alone can fix it”. And by all accounts this news took everyone by surprise. If not, he would not have had to be convinced to walk it back within two days. And you Trump supporters are okay with all of these decisions that he is making.

Trumpists for believing Trump has a very good brain…totally unsurprising!

Trump is so simple it’s painful. He simply makes all decisions on the basis of prejudice and stereotype. Nothing with him is fact based or analytical. It’s so much easier that way - all he needs to do is go with his biased “instincts.” No need to read long, complex and nuanced briefing memoranda, no need to meet with experts on anything.

This is what you voted for Trumpsters, a person running the country with no more hard work or preparation than a guy sitting at the bar spouting off whatever comes to mind.


Yeah, why talk with the generals on the ground when he can consult with Tucker Carlson.

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His decisions are made based on what he believes will be popular with his base. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Last week Mitch McConnell sponsored a resolution that passed the Senate stating that the US should maintain its presence in Syria (and Afghanistan).

Since the Republican Majority Leader and the bulk of his caucus voted in favor of staying in Syria, the meme that “Democrats are for never ending war” has lost any credibility it might have had when you first started posting it. Give it up already.


Tucker Carlson constantly has that look of someone who heard a joke everyone else got but him.