Sleepy Joe is running on fumes

Sleepy claims half of US was killed by guns, he is running for US Senate, if you don’t like him vote for the other biden, he did everything, wrote everything and was ground zero of all historical accomplishments. He is the most confused senior citizen I know of.

Retire Joe, retire.

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Biden will win Saturday and will have Sat, Sun, and Mon to celebrate and feel good. Come Super Tuesday the socialist iron curtain and sickle will be coming down.

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I seem to recall seeing someone struggling to work out whether it was origins or oranges and it wasn’t Joe Biden.

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Joe is at the aging point where his cognitive ability could erode quickly.

Just compare to Bloomberg and Sanders who are doing just fine with cognitive function.

The don’t understand policy and liberty.

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Can you think of another septuagenarian politician whose faculties have been questioned?

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joe drove the first moon patrol which only ran on fumes. He invented the world’s first fumes powered chainsaw and cut down George Washington’s cherry tree and turned it into a phonograph to listen to at night so he educated people about prohibition and gay rights.

An interesting side note, hunter biden hold all patents on fumes in foreign markets.

I’m voting for both of them for Senate next year.


By the of the week, he’ll be the Lone Survivor. He’ll have to resort to cannibalism.


Since you asked…

If we expand our scope to the full House and Senate the list will get rather long.

Joe really sticks out because he is going downhill quickly…which isn’t unusual.


He’s the last man alive in the wake of all this gun violence.


haha… beautiful

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Perhaps I should have included and highlighted the word orange in my question. Ripping a personal copy of Trump’s speech speaks directly to an alert mind with an action that clearly and unambiguously articulated a contempt for the content and author of the speech.

If that was supposed to impress me, it was a singular failure.

And be left wondering where did everyone go…

Haha! I get it! You think she’s ugly! Hilarious!

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