Situational Awareness resources

Curious if anyone here with military or LEO experience can recommend resources for learning about/practicing situational awareness. I’m primarily interested in books but I’ll take websites/videos as well.

Can I ask why you’re asking and under what conditions?

In light of events in New Zealand my boss has asked the managers under him to gather resources we can use to make our employees more aware of individuals and circumstances that may present a potential threat to our personnel or the clients we serve.

I found this on amazon, looks interesting:

Seems to me your boss should hire security expert to come in and talk to you all and give ideas and tips to secure your place of work, and possibly limit the damage after it’s been breech.

My local police department offers workplace sessions to teach employees this kind of stuff.

This doesn’t seem like the kind of thing to be delegated to managers who aren’t security experts.

We are indeed in touch with three different cities’ police forces to consult with us on this. My boss wasn’t thinking we’d use what I’m asking for as the sole source of info, he just believes in being thorough.

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Gotcha. :+1:

The police isn’t going to give you a thorough assessment if for anything else liability issue,

Get outside security expert to evaluate the situation.

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Having said that - anything in terms of books or online sources you found credible?

Also talk to contractor, have more exit doors installed so less likely people being trapped. Barriers installed if needed of their is lots of class entry points.

Edit to add. exit doors that can only be open from within. Just wanted to clarify that like fire doors.

Never really looked into any of that.

Private offices and work booths should be able to observe all entry points, sooner you see trouble coming sooner you can react.

That was one of things I’ve notice right off the bat, that video where everyone was hiding in the corners in the back prayer room. No doors at all.

Hell that should have been violation of local fire code if for no other reason.