Since trump Is Busy Apologizing For DEMOCRATS Bad Behavior, He Ought To

So, While trump is at it (apologizing to Kavanaugh) he should formally and officially apologize to black Americans for what THE DEMOCRAT PARTY has done to them.

There is no individual, group, company, corporation, organization or entity that has benefitted more from the suffering of black Americans than THE DEMOCRAT PARTY. Not one group in the history of our planet comes close.

trump should apologize on behalf of DEMOCRATS for:

-The Import of Slaves
-Buying and Selling of Slaves
-Torture and Killing of Slaves
-Runaway Slave Laws
-Splitting up Families During Slavery
-Secession From The Union to Keep Their Slaves
-Fighting the Civil War to Keep Their Slaves
-Killing Fellow Americans to Keep Their Slaves
-Jim Crow Laws
-Generational Welfare
-Generational Poverty
-Man in the House Rule
-High Crime and Incarceration in DEMOCRAT Controlled Cities
-Low Employment and Education Rates in DEMOCRAT Controlled Cities
-40% Abortion Rate
-Affirmative Action
-Flint Water

to name a few…

trump should do this at every campaign event, and schedule events for DEMOCRAT affected areas, even if he only ends up speaking in front of 20 people at a time.

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He should totally do that.

He should do it closer to the election. Make sure to use the words plantations, slavery, and democrats all in one sitting. Especially with lower voter turn out areas

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Fat donald should have a rally in Georgia and do what you’re suggesting.

I would whole heartedly support the President affirming and apologizing for the history of slavery in this country.


These are fine. Everyone who was involved in the other stuff is dead. We can’t hold them responsible.

Totally agree. GREAT POST!

So we’re all in agreement that the DEMOCRATS were/are responsible for all of that??

This is what we call progress people.

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No, of course not.

But we are in agreement that Trump should yell all of that nonsense from the rooftops, just as you suggest.

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As I said. There is nothing to apologize for. We cannot apologize on behalf of long dead people. But if it did happen, shouldn’t be a group apology issued by every single country involved in the slave trade? Slavery was going on before the U.S. was founded and in many cases after we abolished it. In your opinion, which countries should issue the apology?

Those Dixiecrats are all Republicans now.

Aka Conservatives

All of it done in the name of the DEMOCRAT party. All of the suffering and misery for the benefit of one entity.


Brilliant idea. trump should totally do this.

Except strom thurmond

Yes, Trump should definitely apologize for southern, states rights, small government, traditional values conservatives.


Yep, and?



Agreed. So long as the blame is properly placed.

Why don’t you make up a list of all of the Republicans responsible for those laws and policies, and I’ll make up a list of all of the DEMOCRATS responsible, and we’ll compare lists.

You go first.

Not all Dixiecrats went Republican. Strom went back and was embraced by the Democrats many years.