Should we really be wasting money on Shark patrols?

How about this? How about every time you go swimming in the ocean, you assume that you are swimming with sharks. Because you are. What’s the point? For every shark that the shark patrol sees, there are probably 50 that they didn’t see. Sharks are there. Just because you don’t see them does not mean they are not there.

Do you live in Hempstead? I don’t.

Who’s “we”?

Not my pig, not my farm. I’d support these kinds of efforts around the beach in our neck of the woods here in Florida though. Would make my girlfriend less concerned about me going past the water at my waistline.

How does this effect you?

Why do you ask?

Why do you always start off so chippy?

Why do you care about what a town you’ve probably never been to chooses to spend their money on?

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I have a better question. Why are you so angry about a shark thread?

It just seems some hate any money spent on any kind of service other than military or police.

Another lib who wakes up angry and chippy. Waiting to be triggered.

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Curious whether the question in the title is rhetorical or not. Cause it isn’t my money being wasted, in your opinion. Is it your own money being wasted here?

How is that angry and chippy? Its an observation of some of the discussions Ive seen on this board.

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It’s not only the community in the link that wants to do this. I would bet that if people actually knew the real time location of every shark within a mile of their hotel, nobody would be in the water. If you swim in the ocean, you are swimming with sharks. And some of them a very close. And nearly all are unseen. So why bother?

Public safety, security theater, and the economic impact one shark attack has on the surrounding businesses as tourism pulls back.

True. But if you spot one shark out of 50, how does that impact public safety?

It marginally improves it

Maybe. Or maybe to your tourism point, it makes people feel good. which I guess would be valid.

Sharks occasionally bite people. But they rarely eat people. We are not their food.

True, they aren’t hunting the coastline for dinner and human on the menu. Having them be spotted beforehand is a preventive step to preventing bites which cause tourism in the area to go down for a long time. I think it’s a good thing and relatively not a waste of money.

Okay. I’ll buy that.

Of course…There’s a problem with a service being provided until its found that business’s are benefiting also…and just like that, there’s no longer an issue with the service. What are the odds?

those patrols can jump the shark