Should US Be Able to Help Women Around the World?


I wouldn’t vote for the man, but he does seem to want to help in the instance of improving quality of life in developing world countries.

If those he wishes to help want birth control and aren’t being coerced or forced into accepting assistance, I’m not seeing his intentions as evil.

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That’s your problem. Don’t worry about voting and start reproducing! What have you contributed to the pool so far? Zero??


What I meant.

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Hey, those sharpies. Do they make them in black. Just wondering. I saw an altered weather map recently.

And no social security check for those who don’t need it.

Explaining his budget would help.

But here are world birth rates:

Are the countries with higher birth rates known for longevity or high standards of living?

If his ideas for controlling population involve voluntary participation, I’m not seeing his intentions as nefarious.



It’s their money.

Are they white?

You’re not much ahead of him. :heart:,

The 10th Amendment is also absurd to a lover of arbitrary government like Sanders.

With as much pipe that I’ve laid across this great country, I’m sure there’s a few stragglers out there.

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Oh you are mistaken madam, I sire magnificent colts. Of course I do it with brown mares. :rofl:


More birth control in third world countries would lead to less illegal immigration to the US.

Less need for border security, guards, etc.

We should pay for it and our citizens will reap the benefits.


We give lots of aid to lots of countries already…who’s paying for that?

The percentage of this extra aid would be miniscule.

But don’t worry - it won’t happen. Religious zealots would rather have babies be born into grinding poverty, live a couple of years of misery and then die, rather than not be born at all.

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That would put means testing in practice.
That could open up can of worms down the road.

I am for all income, being subject to FICA, with no max.

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US no, some ones charity yes.

Bernie’s reduce brown and black baby bumps comments, gives birth to a Trump Bump.

Basic…you put into it do later…it is your money.

Bottom line is Bernie is too far too socialist for me to ever take seriously As viable. It leads to a thought like that.

Now if I could have a choice not to contribute my social security, but invest it myself…that is another story.