Should those who survived months of Blatifa riots receive benefits available to Capitol staffers?

Unlike the Capitol staffers, people who survived months of BLM/Antifa riots had no special police force protecting them. They watched their homes and businesses being destroyed, and dozens died to leave grieving families. To my knowledge they received no counseling from the federal government. Instead many in Congress and the media celebrated the protests that frequently proved violent.

Owners of businesses and homes frequently lost everything in the riots. Police were overwhelmed and frequently left large areas completely. Laws severely use of force to protect businesses, so business owners risked arrest for defending their businesses.

The Capitol is protected by its own special police force, and now it is surrounded by a razor wire and a small army. Yet many of those on Capitol Hill declared that expectation of police protection for mere mortals in the rest of the country comes from a place of privilege.

Do the people on Capitol Hill deserve a special place of privilege that they deny to the rest of the country?

Or should the same benefits and protections available for the Capitol be available for the rest of the country?


Nah, the ‘rest of the country’ doesn’t deserve any of that ■■■■■ That would be socialism, sir.

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Sounds like Democrats are playing the victim card as far as they can. And they want it publicized.
This is different than Minneapolis or Portland. This is them.


Did you spell Biafra wrong?

30 Democratic senators

I’m shocked…shocked I tell ya. Here’s my advice, either quit or put your big girl/boy panties on.

Heh. I bet you enjoyed that.

They are “special”. We are “nobodies”. :roll_eyes:

I’ve always believed if you see something someone else has that you want, then you work your tail off to get it - otherwise, you didn’t want it bad enough.

Ironically, that’s what the old GOP (pre -2016) believed. I enjoyed being part of that GOP.

The new GOP apparently wants everything handed to them. I have no desire to be a part of that. I’m not into the entitlement mentality thing.

Violence, rioting, destruction of personal property, looting and arson are all just fine…as long as it can’t be sheoplized to the sheople as an “insurrection”…cuz that’s baaa, baaa, baaad amirite? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

And that leaves you where? The Biden Democrat party is nothing by handouts, bailouts, and preferences to “the underserved”.

That’s why actual conservatives are pretty much homeless in regards to the major political parties in the US now. Neither the Democrats or the Republicans espouse conservatism in any fashion now.

Though I will admit - at least the Republicans are becoming more honest now. They use to at least pretend to be conservatives. Now, they no longer even pretend.

Well, what do you expect? Conservatives are a fairly small minority of the country. Especially if you consider fiscal and social cons to be different things.

Can you explain to me what a ‘true’ conservative is?
Does that mean going back to sending the military everywhere to fight everybody?
Open borders. ‘Free’ Trade where we get taken advantage of by China and they clean us out?

I don’t know prolife, protecting religious liberty, protecting our borders (he tried), tax cuts, making European countries pay for their own defense, appointing at least decently conservative Supreme Court Justices, pushing for opening of schools, trying to get fairer trade deals, pushing for deregulation of a lot of the overbearing federal regulations, seems conservative to me. I will grant Trump spent alot more money than a conservative would want but that is about it.